CBI Wants to Re-start the Bofors Probe

The Bofors scandal, known as the biggest 'stain' on the Congress side, can once again create problems for the party. CBI is going to ask for permission from the Central Government to resume investigation of the Bofors cannon deal. The CBI is going to do this on the directives of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament (PAC). BJD leader Bhatrhari Mahtab, who was investigating the pending reports of the CAG, on Thursday asked CBI Director Alok Verma to investigate the allegations of 'systematic failures' and 'bribe' of Bofors deal.

On Thursday, the other members of the sub-committee including Mahat and BJP leader Nishikant Dubey asked the CBI to go to the Supreme Court against the order of the Delhi High Court of 2005, which had been dismissed in the Bofors case. It is being told that during this time BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said that if the charges against the BJP leaders in the Babri demolition case can be re-decided, then why can not it be so in the case of Bofors?

When the CBI director told the sub-committee that the agency would have to seek the direction from the central government in this regard, then Mahatbat said that the agency should only do its job and leave the verdict on the Central Government. On this, Verma said that he will be present in front of the committee within two weeks.

Apart from this, it is being told that Defense Secretary Sanjay Mitra, who appeared before the sub-committee, told the panel that the necessary files related to the CAG are missing. The MPs expressed surprise over it and said that if the original documents were given to investigating agencies, its photocopies should have been kept for the record.

However, the case is not completely dead as it was mentioned in December, 2016 in the Supreme Court, when the CBI had told that the then UPA government at the Center did not allow it to file an appeal. Please tell that this sub-committee of PAC is investigating the Bofors deal not to follow certain aspects of CAG's report in 1986.

It is noteworthy that due to the Bofors cannon deal, the country's politics in the 1980s had come under attack. In 1989, the Congress had to lose power due to it. In the case, the alleged Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi has been surrounded by close questions from the Gandhi family.