Blasts in Iraqi Embassy in Kabul

The blasts and firing rocked Kabul, Afghanistan's capital on Monday. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Iraqi embassy.

A security official said that the common citizens around the place were transported safely from there. The number of people killed in the attack has not been confirmed immediately. The responsibility of the terrorist attack in the Iraqi embassy was taken by the Islamic State, a dreaded terrorist organization. It is a matter of fact that 35 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul a week ago. Then the Taliban took responsibility for the attack.

The terrorist organization ISIS has taken the responsibility of this attack through its official news agency 'Amak'. According to IS, two terrorists have done this. In the Iraqi embassy this terrorist attack happened at 11 o'clock in the local time. The Afghan government says that after the four-hour conflict, all the terrorists were killed. All the employees of the embassy are safe and only one policeman is injured. The government says that besides the suicide bomber, four terrorists attacked the embassy. The Quick Action squad reached the spot and emptied the embassy and brought the personnel to a safe place.

Significantly, IS has suffered a major setback in Mosul of Iraq. Since then, the terrorist organization has been collecting its roots in eastern Afghanistan. On the other hand, with the US, the Afghan government is bent on throwing out terrorists. There are frequent attacks against the Taliban and the ISIS is also not being spared. Attackers are constantly being attacked by the drones.