Ajit Dobhal Faces the Heat of the Chinese Media

Just before the meeting of the BRICS, the Chinese media has once again tried to target the NSA of India. Media has strongly responded to India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. The Global Times, considered China's mouthpiece, has described Doval as the main conspirator of the Doklam controversy. Simultaneously, the BRICS also rejected the speculation that it should be used to resolve the Indo-China standoff.

A day earlier, China had indicated that apart from the BRICS meeting, Ajit Doval and Chinese can hold a separate meeting. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said, "As far as we know, in the previous meetings, the host country has been arranging for bilateral talks of heads of delegations in which they discuss bilateral relations, cooperation in BRICS, etc." Talking about this new article, the speculation that the dispute was resolved was a shock.

It has been said in the article that Indian media hopes that joining of Doval's BRICS meeting can be a solution to the ongoing border dispute between India and China. But India is forgetting that China will not be ready for any kind of talks until India withdraws its forces from its territory. India should take away its illusions. Doval's visit to China will not prove to be helpful in resolving the boundary dispute in any way.

This BRICS NSA meeting is a program for preparing for the BRICS Conference. This forum is not about resolving the Indo-China dispute. If Doval wants to negotiate in this regard, he will definitely be disappointed. China's first demand is to remove its army from India without any condition. With this demand of China, all Chinese citizens have stood. Citizens are stubborn that even an inch of area of ​​China can not be lost.

The article directly targets Indian media. Indian media is looking for ways to honor the idea of ​​retreating its army. If India accepts international law then by removing its army, the world will get a sample of its freedom. China is ready to negotiate with India in case of withdrawing its army or preventing road construction. But India has done wrong after crossing the Forbidden Land.