10 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Jaundice

As the weather is changing, the likelihood of disease is also increasing. These days jaundice has reached its peak. This article discusses the 10 most effective ways to prevent jaundice. Well, it is important to know that Jaundice is not a disease, but it is a symptom. If you feel that the color of your body, nails or eyes has started becoming yellow to the extent that it can cause jaundice, then increase the amount of water.

The best way to avoid jaundice is to know what it is. The most important reason for this is Hepatitis infection, especially hepatitis A. This disease is mostly spread among people who pay little or no attention to personal and environmental cleanliness. This disease can be detected by examining the blood, examining the stool and checking the work force of the liver.

 Given below are the effective ways to prevent jaundice:  

Get immunized

 Recent studies and researchers have shown that vaccination can be used to protect against jaundice. Many programs are being organized to bring these drugs to the masses.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol is like a slow poison that affects your liver firstly. By drinking excessive alcohol, the liver cells start to die slowly and the person gets jaundice i.e. jaundice. Hepatitis and later liver cirrhosis after jaundice.

Reduce cholesterol

Obesity and junkies are both linked together. Fat diet increases the LSD level, thereby increasing the risk of fatty liver and liver damage.

Eat the right diet

Good food and right food can save you not only from jaundice, but also from other diseases. Therefore, always eat nutritious food, not the street food.

Sun bath

Be sure that you get adequate amount of sunlight. Also make sure that your children and elders get the sufficient sun light. With sunlight in the right amount, jaundice can be cured by infants and older people.

Do not eat unprescribed medicines

Always eat the medicine, the doctor recommends/writes. If this is not done, then lever cells may have to do more exercise in taking other types of medicines, which can lead to jaundice.

Do not eat them at all

 Do not eat more of coffee, red chilli, tobacco, garam masala, etc.

Take care of cleanliness

It is important to clean yourself and keep your surrounding clean. Apart from this, the dirty, stale food should not be eaten outside. Water should always be cleaned, because jaundice catches fast by contaminated water.

Do not share your  personal belongings

Do not share your personal belongings like eat food plates, spoons, clothes, comb etc. with others, especially with the person who has had hepatitis.

Do not forget to wash hands

Do not forget to wash your hands while taking water or food. Also, do not forget to wash hands with soap even after using a public toilet. Many bacteria can come in your hands by touching the handles or nails of the doors.
                                                                                         ----Ashish Jha