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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Will Trump Provide Indo-US Bilateral relations' boost?

After silence for nearly six months, the Trump administration has indicated that the policy, which was fixed in the tenure of former President Barack Obama, about India's strategic importance for America will continue. The US President's Office has announced the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's three-day talks beginning on June 25 and has ended the fears about the future of India-US Strategic Partnership in a stroke. President Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spiceer, which has listened to three important things in this agenda, includes promoting defense cooperation between the two countries in the Hind Pacific Ocean.

The other two important issues are to fight against terrorism and to advance economic reforms. This is a sign of the Government of Donald Trump, surrounded by a lot of controversy due to the overwhelming majority of Obama's decisions, for the Modi government. It is a matter of relief in a way. Because, until now, nothing has been said about the future of strategic partnership between India and the United States in Trump Administration.
 There will be bilateral talks between President Trump and PM Narendra Modi on June 26, 2017. 'Dainik Jagran' first reported it. The statement given by Trump's press secretary means that the issue of 'South China Sea' between Modi and Trump will be raised. The issue of South China Sea has been in international headlines because of the growing activities of China in recent years. Apart from countries of this country, other countries including the US, Japan are also concerned with China's increasing domination in this area.

After the talks between Modi and Obama in 2015, a joint joint venture between the two countries for the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean region Strategic Routine was released. India and the United States had said that in the coming days how to advance bilateral cooperation in the whole ocean area, this is a roadmap. It was agreed between the two countries that they would be the second most important ally of each other in the said ocean area. Later Japan was added to it and a joint campaign program was started between the forces of the three countries. China has indirectly commented on this cooperation that it is mobilization against it.

 In every statement issued after Modi and Obama's meeting, both countries have demanded to comply with United Nations rules in the matter of sea route, which has also been considered as a message to China. After assuming the post of President, by the way Trump had changed his voice about China, it seemed that America's policies on China are changing. In this way, besides taking interest in the diplomatic interest of both the countries, the eyes of other countries of the world will also be on the interaction between Modi and Trump.

How much importance will  Modi get?

Jagaran Bureau, New Delhi The United States has announced the welcome of PM Narendra Modi but still it is not certain how Modi will be welcomed. According to the information so far, Modi and Trump will meet in the White House in Washington. It has been said that Trump welcomed China's President Xi Chunfing and Japan's PM Shinzo Abe at his personal residence in Florida. By the way, Modi will be the fifth US visit. The last visit he made in June 2016 on the invitation of former President Barack Obama. There is no personal meeting between Modi and Trump yet.

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