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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why do Players from Delhi Abuse More?

Kolkata captain Gautam Gambhir or Bangalore captain Virat Kohli both have many similarities in the IPL. Both players are known for their excellent leadership capability and new experiments, both are quite advocated on the field and sometimes use abuses and slander. Apart from this, another important similarity is that these two players are basically from Delhi.

Gambhir said the players of Delhi abuse more on the field
Gautam Gambhir has revealed in an interview that why he and Virat Kohli are so aggressive on the field and why they are so abusive. Gambhir has admitted in this interview that players of Delhi are more abusive. When asked why the players of Delhi are so abusive on the field, in response to this, they said with great clarity that the players of Delhi behave like this to be aggressive on the field.

He further said that this practice does not learn from anywhere, but it is the culture of Delhi, which comes in its own way. Gambhir told Jatin Sapru, who took the interview, "This thing comes naturally to the players of Delhi. You can say that this is the culture of Delhi. All I can say is that your focus is on the game and it gives you good competition in the game. '

It's important to control emotions on the field
Gambhir said that these things of the field should not be taken individually. He said that if this thing is limited to the field then it is right and the matter of the field should be left on the field.

Gambhir said, 'You have to keep in mind that you are not crossing the line and you should not forget that you are watching millions of people outside the field. So you should be a little careful. It is worth noting that Gambhir and Kohli fought in the IPL in the middle of each other in 2013.

Gambhir admitted that he was ashamed to be in front of his family after such behavior. The crocodile said that players should control their emotions on the field, because millions of people see a match, and these are also the norms of many people.


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