Violence cannot be allowed in the name of cow protection: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Gujarat today (Thursday). First of all, he reached Ahmedabad's Sabarmati Ashram, where he took part in 100 years of completion of the ashram. The Prime Minister launched a spinning wheel in the ashram. After this, PM Modi said on the violence of the crowd that the service of the cow should be learned by Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave.

 Violence in the name of Goraksha cannot be allowed. The service of the cow is devotion to cow. Violence is not right in the name of cow protection. The country will have to follow the path of non-violence. People will not be accepted in the name of Gobhakti. If any person creates a chaotic situation in the name of the protection of cow, then the law will do its work, no one is required to take the law in hand. Violence is not a solution to the problem

Terming the violence of the crowd as wrong, PM Modi said that it is wrong to blow the hospital on a patient's death. There is no fault of the doctor who was serving your family member, but that member could not be saved. But then you have a complaint then the law is there. Violence is not a solution to problems. Our country is a country of non-violence and Gandhi.

The country which believes in feeding ant also, what has happened to the country which believes in feeding the dog even in the street. PM Modi explained his point through a story. He said that when I was young then there was a family near our house. There was no child in that family, due to which there was a lot of stress. After a long time, a child was born in that house. At that time a cow used to come there and used to eat something everyday. Once the child had come under the feet of the cow, and he died. 

The next morning, the cow stood in front of his house, he did not eat bread in front of anyone's house. Even from that family did not eat bread. The tears of the cow were constantly flowing. The cow could not eat and drink for many days. The people of the surrounding area tried very hard but the cow did not eat anything and later left his body. The cow did this in the repentance of the death of a child, but today people are killing only on the name of the cow.

Through his statement, he has given a strong message to those people who take the law in their hands.