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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Uttarakhand Government Schools in the Process of Major Reshuffle

Uttarakhand Government School Whether it is primary level or higher level The state government is in the process of making a major reshuffle in all schools. Know what the government plans ...

The education department has started preparations for the integration of schools from primary to intermediate. Especially those schools which are running as separate schools despite being in the same campus. Instructions were made to the departmental officials on behalf of Education Minister Arvind Pandey.

Three or more schools are running in the same premises in many places in the state. In this the Principal of Intermediate College has no control over other schools. At the same time, there has been a problem due to being a separate school in which there are fewer students and teachers in any one school, fewer teachers and few more students. In view of this, on the instructions of the Education Minister, the survey of such schools has been started across the state. The responsibility of the survey has been entrusted to the Deputy Education Officers.

There are more than 17739 schools in the state from primary to intermediate. These include 12511 primary, 2957 high primary, 1033 high school and 1238 intermediate college.
Joao has already been issued in advance for the upgradation of 1049 schools upgraded on demand of the Junior Highschool Teachers Association. However, all schools are not able to operate separately. Now, if the integration of schools, then the upgradation of different schools of schools will be shocked.

Education Minister Arvind Pandey said that the integration of schools from one in the state to the intermediate will be unified. Especially the schools will be integrated which are running as separate schools despite being the same campus.

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