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Friday, June 23, 2017

Tubelight Movie Review

Story: Lakshman Singh calls Bisht (Salman) as his neighboring tube light because he is a bit weak with his brain. Despite being special, Lakshman has won his life only on one theory, "If you have faith in yourself, then you can do anything, you can stop it till a battle".

Review: The first thing that should know Salman's fans is that the 'tube light' is very different from Salman Khan's and Mass Entertainment movies. Here your favorite star will be playing the role of a man whose mind is like a child. Here neither he will pull his shirt nor will be seen flexing his muscles. So, if you are going to watch a movie in the hope of seeing it all, then change your mind(you will probably not). Rather, go to the movie by believing in Salman, that he will not let you done as he has never.

'TubeLight' is inspired by the Hollywood movie "Little Boy", directed by Alejandro Montvard. This is a very simple story told. The backdrop of the story begins with Jagatpur, a very beautiful north-eastern city of India. The story is about a period when the war between India and China was fought. The people of the city laugh at Laxman's innocent innocents and take advantage of it. Laxman has been created by Bunny Chacha (Om Puri). He has learned to use Gandhiji's knowledge in every trouble.

Narayan (Mohammed Zeeshan) is a badman of the area who keeps slapping Laxman without any reason. Laxman does not seem to be get hurt by the slap, but the humiliation that the slap brings in.

Things get improved slightly when the beautiful Lilling (Ju Ju) and Chulbula Guo (Matin) come to Jagatpur. These two are migrants from China. It is clear that both of them have been taken in the film for the purpose of redeeming the slogan "Hindi-Chinese Bhai Bhai".

The war sequences of the film seems to be intimidated and no emotionalism is seen there. That's because neither the filmmaker has raised a conspiracy to bring emotional writing in it, nor has he kept such a montage that jumble.

The film has talked about the values ​​of family, faith and patriotism, but with all of these, the filmmaker seems to fall short when it comes to convince the audiences. Rather, everything is filled so goody goody that you will feel that you have not seen Salman's film but have come in a satsang. Pritam's song 'Nach Marie Jaan' and 'Sajjan Radio' have become very beautiful. The film was a lot of talk of Shah Rukh's cameo. Shahrukh has played an important role in this, a magician go-go paasha. Asim Mishra's camera work is very beautiful.

Talking about the performances, Salman has also laughed and cried, which is in sharp contrast to his Macho Man's image. Obviously, he has not given any shocking performance, but looks good. Sohail looks very sincere in this film. Ju Ju has done a courageous act and you will also enjoy watching the little Matin. Seeing the role of Om Puri Saheb, you will remember that our soldiers are made of which clay.

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                                                                          ---Sushmita Jha

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