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Monday, June 5, 2017

temperature in Gurgaon at an all time high

Gurgaon: Sunday's day was the hottest day of the season. The sunny heat has made people helpless. As the heat increased in the middle of the day, the streets of the city appeared empty. On Sunday, the highest temperature recorded in Gurgaon was recorded at 46.2 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 30.6 degree Celsius. After some rain on Wednesday, some dip in temperature was recorded for three days. After the holiday on Sunday, people saw an umbrella in the market and escaped from the sun. At the same time, some people kept hiding in houses to avoid heavy rains.

On Saturday, the maximum temperature in Gurgaon was recorded at 43 degree Celsius. But on sunny Sunday, unbearable sunshine started troubling people. Temperature at 35 degree Celsius was recorded at 7 in the morning. Which rose to 9 degrees in morning at 38 degrees Celsius. At 10 o'clock the temperature crossed 40 degrees Celsius and people were less visible on the roads. At the same time, due to being the Dussehra of the month of Mahatma, people used to drink soft drinks on the spot. By 12 o'clock the temperature reached 43 degrees Celsius and the hot winds made the people helpless. People waiting for buses at Rajiv Chowk looked shadows. In this way a lot of people appeared in the shadow of fly over.

Demand for water increased
As the heat rises, the demand for water has increased everywhere-out of the house. People have been wandering around in villages for water. This is also the case with the customers coming to the city markets. People used to buy water bottles from the shop and show their thirst.

The city's markets wore a deserted look

On Sunday, city markets were visible. There is a lot of crowd on Sadar Bazar and Gurdwara Road, but at 1 a.m. only one-and-a-half-hour road vehicles are seen. In the market, the sunshine was missing from the market. Although people did not even come to the market for shopping on Ramzan month. The number of vehicles on the roads is non-existent.


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