Tejasvi does a Damage Doer in Bihar Alliance

The grand alliance is going through a very delicate phase in Bihar. Now there is only one thing in everyone's mind that nothing can be done. On the one hand, RJD seems to be on the other hand, while JDU's temperature is also hot.

Patna : While Ramnath Kovind on the other hand, on the other hand, in the politics of Mira Kumar, Bihar, where politics has risen, the crackdown of statements is pointing out that the alliance of the Maha coalition has become very weak and has made a big political reshuffle at any time. The matter may be revealed. By the way both teams are getting bigger on each other.

To save the grand alliance, where the compulsions of both the major parties remained, but now this compulsion may end now. In the state of Bihar, the alliance is standing on the crossroads and anything can happen at any time from now omwards.

Supporting Kovind is a Historic Mistake: Lalu

In the presidential election, JD (U) is supporting Bihar Governor Ramnath Kovind, while the RJD involved in the Bihar government's alliance is supporting the UPA candidate Meera Kumar. It was said by Lalu Yadav that JD (U)'s decision is a historic mistake and since then the chemistry between these two parties has gone for a toss.

Nitish is a Cheater

On the other hand, RJD legislator Bhai Virendra had said that there was not any single person close to Nitish, who did not get deceived by the CM. But, now the people of Bihar will teach him a lesson. RJD Senior Leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh also keeps on taking a potshot on the CM of Grand Alliance on and off.

Get Together at Iftar had everything but togetherness

On June 23, when Lalu Prasad Yadav's party was joined by CM Nitish Kumar, the tension between the two seemed to come to the fore. Though both were sitting one after another, but the body languages of both these veterans were clearing suggesting a possible Crack on the Coalition.
Nitish's statement after the Iftar party gave further air to this point. Nitish had said that Bihar's daughter Meira Kumar has been chosen to face defeat and humiliation in the ensuing President Poll.

Ttejasvi’s Statement was a Massive Damager Doer

Many RJD leaders are constantly making big statements about Nitish Kumar. But for the first time, Deputy Chief Minister Tejasvi Yadav has given a big statement and has created a storm in the grand alliance, due to which the JD(U) is no longer in the mood to entertain any damage-control move. Tejasvi Yadav hold said, “Nitish is arrogant and how can anyone know for sure as to who will win or lose unless the final result of the poll(Presidential Poll) comes out.

Tejasvi’s Tough Signal to Nitish

Tejasvi Yadav, who had  said that coalition in Bihar is as strong as Himalayas, sent a tough signal to his Uncle Nitish. Talking to the mediapersons at Patna he said in a candid tone, “ I am not willing to do politics under pressure from any one. Come what may.