Serial Attacks Jolt England

There were serial attacks in London on Saturday. The first attack took place at London Bridge, in which fast speed van crushed pedestrians. Many people were seriously injured in the blast. Shortly after this incident, a knife-man youth shot at a restaurant in Boro Market near London Bridge. He killed two people with a knife and seriously injured them. Apart from this, there is news of the firing in nearby Vauxhall area. The police is looking for three suspects in this incident.

The special thing is that this attack has happened when cricket champions Trophy matches are being organized in England. A large number of people from other countries have also come here in this connection.

Over the last few days, London is on the target of militant groups. There were two big terror attacks in the month of May itself. An attack occurred on the Westminster Bridge on the lines of the London Bridge. There was also a speeding car going on crushing people.

The incident on London Bridge last month reminded London's Westminster Bridge terrorist attack, in which five people were killed and more than 50 were injured. On March 22, a person named Khalid Masud had brought a car to the people on foot. Later, he had killed a policeman and killed him. However, the police had killed the attacker.

There was a suicide attack on May 22 during a concert in Manchester, England. It killed 22 people. There was a stadium American pop singer Adriana Grande running. After the program ended, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the main entrance to the stadium. More than 100 people were injured in this incident. The extremist IS was behind the attack. In this connection, the police had arrested many people.

The important thing is that soon after this incident, the Prime Minister, Theresa, had feared a major terrorist attack soon enough. After the Prime Minister's apprehension, the security arrangements were tightened here.

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