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Friday, June 23, 2017

People Fear Cash Crunch as Banks go for Three-day Closure

Since Saturday 24th June, the banks will be closed for three days, so if you have important work related to the bank, do them today itself.
Due to the fourth Saturday, the banks will be on leave on 24th  and there will be holidays on Sunday and for  Eid on Monday.

People may have to face difficulties due to the three-day holidays of the banks. Due to such a long time many ATMs also become vacant due to which people may have to face persecution.

ATMs become Cashless in Festival Period

Preparations are being made for this. Bank management will have proper arrangement of cash in ATM to meet the needs of people's cash in these holidays. However, it has been seen before that people take excessive cash in festivals, due to which there is a lack of cash due to proper arrangement.

Make Digital Payments

Due to Eid, people make large scale shopping and that too in cash payments. Given the three-day closure of the banks, you may have to face difficulties in cash transaction in three coming days. In such a situation, the problem of cash can be overcome by resorting to digital payments. Using digital and online wallet, you can avoid long lines and cash crunch.

                                           ---Ramanand Yadav

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