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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pakistan Amasses Runs; Credit goes to no-balls, run-out misses

London: In the final of the ICC Champions Trophy, the ICC Champions Trophy, two such teams are clashing, with the news of which the sensation spreads through the news and the cricket fans are at the peak. In the title match, India and Pakistan teams are against each other on Kennington, the Oval ground. Team India captain Virat Kohli won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first. Pakistan first scored 338 runs in 4/4 in 50 overs. Fifth Jaffer hit 114 runs (106 balls, 12 fours, 3 sixes) He made his first century of 92 balls. Fakhar was dismissed by Jaspreet Bumrah on the first ball of the fourth over, but he got no sound and he took advantage of it.

Pakistan got fortunes from the very beginning. Many times their batsmen were left out of run-outs. It was a bit out of reach, but it was noon. After that he made a century. 114 runs in 106 balls with the bat of Fakhar. Azhar Ali scored 59 runs (6 fours, 1 six) in 71 balls. He added 128 runs for the first wicket with Fakhar, while Fakhr shared a 72-run partnership with Babar Azam for the second wicket. Babar Azam scored 46 runs (52 balls). Mohammad Hafeez (57 runs, 37 balls) and Imad Wasim (25) were unbeaten. Both of them made an unbeaten partnership of 71 runs for the fifth wicket. 

Full update of Pakistan's batting

First 10 overs: Pakistan team lucky, Bhuvi's superb bowling
In the title match, the opening pair of Pakistan started with a regular opening pair of Azhar Ali and Azhar Ali. Bowman Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled the bowlers for team India. He first cast Maiden Three runs in the second over In the third over, Bhuvai gave four runs. In the fourth over, Jaspreet Bumrah's first ball was wide, then Jasprit Bumrah, caught on the next ball, caught Jasprit Bumrah, caught by MS Dhoni, but got nailed out. Over 12 runs with three extras in the over. Eight runs in the fifth over Pak-27/0 in 5 overs

In the sixth over, Pak batsmen made nine runs on Bumrahah balls, in which Azhar had two fours. In the seventh over, Bhuvai gave two runs. In the eighth over, Virat bowled Ravichandran Ashwin, in which Azhar scored 10 runs with a six-pointing pitch. In the ninth over, Bhuvai did not make any runs. Means getting mean maiden In the tenth over, Ashwin got hit on the boundary. Over eight runs scored. Pak-56.0 in 10 overs.

11 to 30 overs: Azhar Ali Fifty making it out, Shikhar Dhawan's
In the 11th over, Bumrah lost the match. Over 7 runs in the over. In the 12th over, Ashwin was also in bad shape. In his over six runs came with fours. Bumrah scored five runs in the 13th over. On the 14th over Ashwin did, giving him four runs. In the 15th over, Hardik Pandya got a boundary. Over eight runs scored. Pak-86/05 in 15 overs

In the 16th over spinner Ravindra Jadeja gave four runs. Pandya scored three runs in the 17th over. In the 18th over, Jadeja scored seven runs in the last ball with a four. Pandya scored three runs in the 19th over. Jadeja scored two fours in the 20th over. Pak-114/0 in 20 overs

In the 21st over, Pandya bowled again and bowled only four runs. In the 22nd over, Jadeja was again chaos. There were seven runs in total. After the long wait in the 23rd over, Team India got the first breakthrough. Azhar Ali scored 59 runs (71 balls). Six runs were spent in the 24th and 25th over. Jadeja had two fours and a six in the 26th over. Over 16.6: No runs. Then in the 27th over, Ashwin gave 17 runs. Total 12 runs in 28th, 29th and 30th over. Pak-179/1 in 30 overs

31 to 50 overs
In the 31st over, Fakhr Jamat completed Ashwin's first ball and hit his first century in 92 balls. Over 7 runs in the over. In the 32nd over, Pak scored five runs on Pandya's balls. In the 33rd over, Ashwin gave nine runs. Pandya gave great success to Team India in the 34th over. He got Jaffa caught in the futher jam 114 runs (106 balls). In the 35th over and 36th over, the total was 14 runs. In the 37th over, 11 runs were scored. In the 38th and 39th over, total 19 runs were spent. In the 40th over, Bhuvai gave the third success and Shoaib Malik (12) caught by Kedar. Pak-247/3 in 40 overs

 In the 41st over, Jadeja scored two runs in the hands of Hafeez and scored 10 runs. In the 42nd over, Bhuvai had a four and a six off the last ball. Kedar Jadhav gave Pakistan a fourth blow in the 43rd over. They got Babar Azam (46 runs, 52 balls) caught by Yuvraj Singh. In the 44th and 45th over, 24 runs were scored. 11 runs in the 46th over In the 47 th and 48th over, 13 runs were scored. In the 49th over, 11 runs were scored. Nine runs in the 50th over. Pak-338/4 in 50 overs

Record of the highest finals in this tournament

Team India has set a record of playing the final of the Champions Trophy tournament most of the time as well as landing on the field. Then there is the West Indies team, who has played three titles in three matches. During the last 6 years, India has made it to the final of the ICC Tournament Finals for the fourth time. Talk to India and Pakistan, it is not that they are going to play a final of the ICC Tournament for the first time. Prior to this, both teams in the T-20 World Cup final in 2007.
                                                               ---Devanand Saraswati

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