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Friday, June 23, 2017

Nitish Made a Historic Blunder: Lalu

What Nitish Kumar has said about supporting NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election is a crack in the brotherhood between Lalu and Nitish. Laloo Yadav has clearly said that this decision will send a wrong signal and strengthen the Fascist Forces across the country. He further revealed, “ Nitish Kumar had clearly said and he might be remembering that his party is with Congress, RJD and other with similar mindset. But, a meeting was called 3-4 days back and the selected fews like Sharad Yadav, K C Tyagi were called for the meeting. I do not know the entire proceedings of the party meeting. But, it was later said through press conference that JD(U) is going to support NDA candidate Kovind as Nitish Kumar has personal excellent rapport with the Ex Governor of Bihar.

Nitish made Historic Blunder
He further added, “ Nitish Kumar should not have decided on personal likings. Nitish Kumar had called me and said he likes the candidate personally. But, I had even that time made it clear that if he decides to go with Kovind, it will be a historic blunder. I had also cautioned him not to make decision as such, as it will weaken the secular forces and help the Fascist Forces raise its ugly head even more vigorously.  Hopefully Nitish will be with us in the 2019 elections.

Fight against BJP continues
When family members are trapped on benami properties, Laloo Yadav says that all matters will become crystal clear. It will be clear that there is nothing hidden in it. We will cooperate in whatever inquiry we have been subjected to. But this is the conspiracy of the government. He said that he will not get intimidated by the move of the centre to show his family in poor light and defame. As long as blood remains in my body, I will keep on fighting against the communal forces (read BJP).

All parties should help Meera Kumar win
He says that Meera Kumar is the daughter of Dalit Babu Jagjivan Ram's daughter. That is why he appeals to all parties, that they should vote for her. He also hopes that some NDA supporters will also support them. He said that by describing Ramnath Kovind as a Dalit, the BJP is doing politics of vote bank. The real target is Gujarat. There is a very good vote bank there. But, BJP is not going to benefit from this.

Lalu on the statement of Rabri's Sanskrit bahu
On the question of Rabri Devi seeking to find her daughter-in-law for her sons, he said that Rabri Devi did not say that she does not want to go to the mall and go to the market to see her daughter-in-law. He asked them the time has changed. The time has changed. There is no objection to them that they go to Bahu Bazar and Mall. He said that he is ready to inter cast wedding. If there is such a relationship, he will not even have any objection to inter-caste marriage.
                                                                       ----Ashish Jha

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