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Sunday, June 18, 2017

New American Law may force Indian-Americans leave the Country

Washington / Miami:  US President Donald Trump canceled the proposal for exemption of millions of illegal immigrants from the country on Thursday. This threatens to remove about 40 lakh illegal immigrants, including three lakh Indians. Former President Barack Obama gave relief to illegal immigrants in 2014 under the "Deafard Action for Parents of Americans and Laughing Permanent Residents" i.e. "Dapa" policy.

This policy was to provide relief to those 40 million people who have been living in the US since 2010, whose children were born in America and they do not have any criminal records. Now these families are at risk of being evicted from the United States.

Although the Trump Administration 2012 will allow the "Deafard Action for Childhood Arrivals" i.e. "Daka" policy to remain. Under this, temporary immunity to minor children entering the US will provide temporary relief. They will be allowed to stay until they complete their studies in American schools.

Human rights organizations say that new orders will cause humanitarian crisis because children of illegal immigrants are born in America and they are legitimate citizens. In such a case, if their parents were evicted, there would be a major humanitarian crisis.

Trump canceled Cuba agreement, told Obama's agreement "unilateral"
Trump declares the historic Cuban Agreement by Barack Obama as "appalling and confusing" and declares it to be canceled. Along with this, Trump imposed new travel and trade restrictions on Cuba. The Cuban government immediately rejected the new US policy.

Trump said that the easing of the Obama administration's travel and trade sanctions on Cuba would not help Cuban people. They termed the agreement as one-sided. Trump, however, did not take the decision to close the US Embassy in Cuba.

It is known that in December 2014, the relations between America and Cuba were found to improve. Obama announced to normalize relations with Cuba. Obama also went on a historic visit to Cuba in March 2016, which was the first Cuban visit to any US President since 1959.

So far these three decisions of Obama have been withdrawn:
Obama care, the Paris Agreement and the Cuban Agreement
-American citizens will not be able to travel to Cuba, they can only go on academic trips.

-American citizens and companies

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