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Friday, June 9, 2017

Modi-Nawaz meeting in Astana

Astana: Here is the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Friday. Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif appeared together on this forum in this meeting. Modi thanked all SCO members for giving membership to India in his speech. Modi raised the issue of terrorism, but did not mention Pakistan even once. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif took the name of India twice and congratulated. Importantly, both countries have been given membership in SCO this time. This organization of 6 countries was started in 2001. In 2015, the SCO summit was held in Ufa in Russia. In this, a proposal for induction of Indo-Paki as Permanent Member was passed in the organization.

Modi said- Terrorism is the biggest threat ...

Modi said, "SCO is the cornerstone of our political and economic cooperation. Our involvement in SCO countries has many dimensions—Energy, Education, Agriculture, Security, Mineral, Capacity Building, Development Partnership, Trade are its key factories. The membership of SCO will certainly take our cooperation to new heights. Connectivity with SCO countries is the priority of India and we are committed to it. We want connectivity to pave the way for cooperation between our future generations and societies. "
- "Terrorism is one of the most violent infringement of human rights and human values." The struggle against terrorism and extremism is an integral part of the cooperation of the SCO. Whether the issue of radicalization, recruitment of terrorists, training of them or their finances. As long as we do not try to work together in this direction, all the countries will not be able to solve the problem, then the efforts of SCO are appreciable. Feb. battle will give a new direction and strength."

Nawaz Sharif took India's name twice

- Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after he gave a speech. He said, "Today is a good day for Pakistan and India. I thank the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (NIC) for making us members." Pakistan knows SCO well, we have participated in several summits. Without ambush, we should create an environment for generations to come. I would like to congratulate India also that she has also become a member of SCO. "
Sharif said: "Pakistan has been fighting terrorism for a long time, we have been able to control terrorism to a great extent." He said that we want to contribute to the change of the world, bringing economic development through Asia through SCO , Reducing terrorism and reducing weapons race."

Built in 2001
- Let the SCO be a Political and Security Group. Its  headquarter is in Beijing. It was built in 2001. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are the permanent members.
- This organization is designed for military co-operation between member countries in particular. This includes sharing intelligence and conduct operations in Central Asia against terrorism.
- Currently, Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia are supervisor country in SCO.
India and Pakistan were started to make membership process two years ago.
-SCO has been involved in India's status since 2005. In 2014, it was applied for its full membership.
In 2015, there was a SCO summit in Russia's Ufa. It was passed in the proposal to include India-Pakistan as permanent member.
- In 2016, the ACO Summit was held in Tashkent of Uzbekistan. It was signed on the Memorandum commitment to join the SCO in India and Pakistan. China has expressed hope that by becoming a permanent member of the SCO, the bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan will also improve.

Modi-Jinping meeting

- On Friday morning Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping also met. Between the two leaders, there was talk about India's membership in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Both countries talked about stress reduction on many issues.
- Recently, India had boycotted the OBOR Summit in Beijing. India had described this as a case of its sovereignty.
- India has been going against the Sino-Pak corridor from Gwadar to baking India prior to Xinjiang in China. India has alleged that the Corridor will pass through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) Gilgit-Baltistan. CPEC is a part of forest belt-one road. China also appealed to India to join the OBOR Summit.

What is China's Stand on NSG?

China has also been opposing India's NSG membership. It says that if a country has not signed on non-proliferation treaty (NPT), then membership should not be given.

At the same time, India has said that France was also given the membership without signing on NPT. China has been protesting against declaring Masood Azhar a terrorist in the UN.


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