Modi Arrives Washington

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America after his brief visit to Portugal. His plane landed at Washington DC in the US Air Force's Joint Base Andrew. Meanwhile, hundreds of Indian people have reached the airport for their reception to welcome PM Modi. PM Modi will go straight to his hotel here. Tomorrow, on June 26, he will be meeting with President Donald Trump. During this time both the leaders will also get together for a working dinner. This is the first time that PM Modi will meet Donald Tump. In this way, Modi is the first foreign leader President Trump will host a working dinner.

In America, PM Modi will meet the executives of some of the top-notch companies and also address the leaders of Indian community. After this, Modi will meet US President Donald Trump on June 26. On this first meeting of Modi and US President Donald Trump, the entire world will be watching for.

 US State Department spokesman Heather Norte said that the US is waiting for Prime Minister Modi's visit. This visit will strengthen relations between America and India. He said that America and India have the same thinking on many issues. These include many issues like fighting terrorism, engagement among people.
                                                                                  ---Ashish Jha