Modi Addresses US Indian Diaspora

Addressing the people of Indian community in Virginia on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that during the three-year term, the government has not got any scars of corruption. He said that India is moving forward at a faster pace than earlier. Modi, while highlighting the surgical strike by the Indian Army, said that nobody in the world raised questions about India's action. In his speech, the PM targeted Pakistan and took potshot at China.

Prime Minister Modi, while targeting Pakistan, said that the active strike by India across the Line of Control proves that India will not hesitate to take strict measures to protect itself. He also said that no country in the world has questioned these attacks. 

While addressing Indian-Americans during a function in Virginia, Modi said that India has been successful in explaining the menace of terrorism emanating from its neighbouring country to the world, which is disturbing peace and normal life in the country. He said, "When we talked about terrorism 20 years ago, many people in the world had said that it is a problem related to law and order and then they did not understand it. Now. the terrorists have interpreted the meaning of terrorism, so we do not have to explain them anymore.

Modi said that Surgical Strike showed that India, generally following the principle of restraint, can also protect its sovereignty if needed and can also ensure its security. He told the Diaspora Indians, "When India made an aggressive attack, the world realized our strength. The world saw that we exercise restraint, but in the event of the need to deal with terrorism and protect ourselves, India can also show its power and strength.

PM Modi said, "Surgical Strike was such an event, if the world wanted, India could have been in the dock trying to justify its act. But, there was no question anywhere in the world. Modi sarcastically added, “ the thing is different for those who had to lose their lives due to the surgical strike.” ." Listening to this, the audience sitting there burst into peels of laughter.

In addition to targeting China's aggression in the South China Sea, the Prime Minister said that India does not believe in dissolution of the global system to fulfill its goals. He said, 'This is the tradition and culture of India. We are bound by international rules because it is our character and nature. The Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam(the entire earth os our family) is our character, inherent in our nature.

Not a single scar on government
Referring to the functioning of his government, the Prime Minister said that in the term of 3 years, there is no single scam of corruption in the Government. He said that India is moving forward at a faster pace than before.

‘Subsidy for the greater good of the poor'

Prime Minister Modi said, "Once upon a time, twenty-five million able people left the subsidy. After this, cooking gas was provided to the poor from the subsidy money. Addressing the Indian community, Modi said, "We have undertaken that gas reservoirs should be provided in five crore poor families. I am proud that so far one million households have been provided gas cylinders. "
                                                                                 --Ashish Jha