MLA from RJD takes a Jibe at Nitish

Regarding the Presidential election, rift has become obvious and wide in Bihar's ruling coalition. After Nitish gave his party’s support to the NDA candidate for the President, Ramnath Kovins, Lalu got livid. He publically appealed Nitish to reconsider his decision as if he goes with his decision, it will prove to be a historic blunder and weaken the communal forces in the country. But, Nitish Kumar, even after attending an Iftar party very next day at Lalu’s house in Patna, refused to budge from his stand.
Now, an RJD MLA from Lalu's party has started firing on all cylinders against Nitish. RJD MLA Bhai Virendra said, "Nitish is such a person, who never spares even his close associates, forget the non-important ones.

Nitish gave the reply
Nitish Kumar responded to criticisms on not supporting UPA candidate Meera Kumar in the presidential election on Friday. He said, "Bihar's daughter, Meera Kumar is very respectable. Being a daughter of Bihar, her candidature gives me a lot of pride. He did a good job while being a minister and a speaker. But, I think she has been made a scapegoat. She is not going to win the election.

Why  the support?
Nitish said, "We have looked openly inside the party. Considering every aspect, every possible permutations and combinations, every possible situation, every foreseen situations and decided accordingly. This decision is for the presidential election, not the coalition that runs in Bihar. When we were in NDA, we had given support for Pranab Babu and Ansari Saheb, that was a remarkable shift from the BJP’s opinion.

On the issue of grand alliance in Bihar
Everyone is free to have his or her opinions. As far as the question on the future of the coalition is concerned, it is totally intact and everything is quite hunky dory with the coalition. The opposition party should stand united and make a strategy for the 2019 election.

What about the big coalition in Bihar
Everyone is free to keep their opinions. As far as the question is, there is no issue of the big coalition of Bihar. This is to decide the party. The unity of the opposition must be done and make the 2019 strategy.

What happened to the slogan of Sangh Mukta Bharat - Lalu
RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is still surprised by the fact that Bihar Chief Minister and JD (U) President Nitish Kumar has supported the National Democratic Alliance's presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind. Talking to journalists in Patna, Lalu said that Nitish Kumar had first talked about 'Sangh Mukta Bharat' in response to Narendra Modi's 'Congress free India', but I do not know what happened to him. He further added, “ I still wonder why Nitish decided to give support to Ramnath Kovind, a person from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, for the President”.
                                                                                                        ---Ashish Jha