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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Massive fire in a London Building

There is news of a massive fire in a London building. The fire broke out in a tower block located on Latimer Road in western London. Witnesses said that some people are trapped in their homes.
The pictures that are coming from are showing that the fire has spread completely in 24 floors of the building.
Information of the fire was found at 00:00 local time. 200 fireworks have been installed to extinguish it.
The Metropolitan Police has said that the work of evacuation of people is continuing.

The BBC's Andy Moore said that the entire tower was clogged and fear of its collapse has arisen.
According to the London Fire Brigade, 40 fire engines of firefighters have been dispatched on the spot.
Eyewitnesses say that they saw the flashing light from the top mall of the tower. It is believed that this torchlight is light.
George Clarke, the surveyor of Amazing Space, told Radio 5 Live: "I am 100 meters away from the building, but completely covered with ash."

He said, "This is a heart-breaking event. I have seen someone lighting the torch at the top and it is natural that he can not get out."

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