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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lashkar Makes a Retaliatory Attack on Police Team, Kills Six

State bureau, Srinagar: The security forces killed two terrorists, including their commander and his 10-million prize winner Junaid Mattoo alias Junaid Kandru giving a major blow to the Lashkar in Arvan (Kulgam) in south Kashmir Friday. Junaid was close to Lashkar commander Burhan Wani. During this time, two people were killed in the skirmishes and cross firing between the people and security forces who came to the rescue of the terrorists. Stunned by the death of Terrorist Junaid, Lashkar made a big attack on the police team in Anandnag's Good House, in which six policemen, including the police station, have died. This is the biggest attack on the police team in the past 15 years.

Crack Down on  terrorists

On Friday, the police came to know that three to four terrorists were hiding in Arwani village. On this, the security forces turned to their whereabouts. The siege of suspicious locations started, then the announcement to expel people from the mosques started. People started provoking slogans and stones. Meanwhile, the terrorists started firing on the jawans. A militant was killed by the security forces handling the stone pelting mob. After that, firing started. 
During this, two people, Mohammad Ashraf Khar and Ahsan Dar (14), died in Crossfire. At two o'clock in the afternoon, two houses built of terror base were surrounded by flames of light with a powerful blast. After this the villagers started pelting stones. The deceased was a resident of Junaid Kulgam and Azad Pampore. On the other hand, 20 people, including eight security personnel, were injured in the major clashes in protest against this encounter at other places.

Dead bodies found
IGP Munir Ahmed Khan said that terrorists Junaid Mattoo and Azad Ahmed have been killed, but we have not received their dead bodies yet. Therefore, sure confirmation will be done only after the recovery of dead bodies. Junaid had killed a policeman in Bogunda last night.

15 militants attacked the police force and looted arms
Goodman's police station Firoz Ahmed Dar along with his accomplices went to the police station located in the minority Sikh community's habitation in Thivijwara area. While returning, the terrorists were sitting in ambush in three vehicles on the way. According to eyewitnesses, the terrorists stopped the police vehicle from the front and started firing bullets. Along with this, the terrorists in both the vehicles on the side of the road also threw bullets. Five soldiers were killed in the attack on the spot, while a policeman and two other civilians passing by the road got injured due to the fire. 
The injured policeman later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The terrorists robbed the arms, magazines and cartridges of all the policemen. After this they sat beside adjoining vegetables. On the spot with the policemen, the terrorists again fired and fled on the DSP. A special campaign has been launched by alerting the terrorists throughout the area. LeT spokesman Abdullah Gajnavi took responsibility for the attack and threatened attacks.

Brutality with dead bodies
After the terrorists carried out the incident, the police fired again in the vehicle and immediately demolished the faces of the dead policemen. Their motive was to show barbarity.

Precautionary steps taken

The administration has suspended Srinagar-Banihal rail service till next order, while closing 3G and 4G telephony and internet services in Kashmir. In addition, prohibition has been declared in five police stations of Srinagar. With the declaration of one day holiday in all the educational institutions of the plaintiff, all the examinations scheduled to be held on Saturday in Kashmir University have also been postponed.

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