Lalu-Nitish Smoke Peace Pipe for now

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav talked on the phone amid an atmosphere of incrimination between the two parties. With this dialogue, the status of 'armistice' has been created between the two parties, but the sources connected with the JDU are confirming that some incidents in recent times and especially for the removal of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar The 'conspiracy' has hit the coalition.

JDU general secretary K.C. Tyagi also cleared the statement on 'comfortable alliance' with BJP on Wednesday and said that the party's intention is not to break the alliance. He said, "There is no question of joining hands with BJP, we want to strengthen the alliance." However, there are still questions about some of the RJD's leaders intentions to destabilize Nitish Kumar and his party.

A senior JD(U) official said, "We have information that two RJD leaders, including a Rajya Sabha MP, have personal meetings with some senior BJP leaders. What do you mean by talking informally with those leaders whom you call your enemy? And that too, when the agencies are going to take action against benami properties against Lalu's family?

On condition of anonymity, the JD(U) official feared that a section of RJD wanted to destabilize the ruling coalition in Bihar and in return take some help in investigating the illegal property against Lalu's family against the Anonymous property.

Party sources said that even if Lalu and Nitish themselves stop their party leaders from making statements against each other, even then 'unbelief' created between the two parties is not going to be reduced. According to sources, if the Income Tax Department decides to prosecute Lalu's younger son and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashvi Yadav on charges of holding the alleged undeclared property, then it may be possible that the two parties get separated from there.

Last week, the Income Tax Department seized assets worth Rs 170 crore, which is reportedly the name of Radha. According to law, it is decided to register a case against the stunning. JDU has not yet supported this stand of the RJD that the action of the Income Tax Department is a political conspiracy of BJP.

A JD(U) leader expressed displeasure at the attacks on Nitish by supporting RJD leaders to support NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind in the Presidential election, saying, "We have given a strong message that staying in the coalition with Nitish and sparing no occasion to corner him on his decision cannot go together.

K.C. Tyagi, however, rejected the idea of joining hands with BJP, but also said that the manner in which opposition parties reacted to the support of Ramnath Kovind by JDU, he was going to be disappointed. He also raised questions about Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's visit to Italy. He said, "There was a decision to protest against the issue of farmers in the opposition parties' meeting at Mandsaur, but Rahul suddenly went abroad and his party did differently in these protests. All the parties should meet together to see who is responsible for not taking the issues of farmers properly.

Meanwhile, Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has demanded amendment in the law to give more rights to the states in matters related to money laundering from the Central Government. He has said that the State Governments should at least get this right to seize the property acquired illegally. He said, "The ED sees big cases and does not have time to look for smaller matters." Nitish has demanded that the state government should get the right to confiscate properties worth 10 crores.
                                                                                   ----Ashish Jha