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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lalu calls Nitish amid speculation of split in alliance

New Delhi: Signals of reconciliation seems to be faint in the ongoing agitation in the ruling grand alliance in Bihar.  According to sources, RJD chief Lalu Yadav had called Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the last night for a cessation of rhetoric in the alliance. Not only that, Lalu also informed that Ashok Sinha, a spokesman of his party, has been removed from the post. At the same time, he also requested to end the war of words that lasted for the last one week. However, a fresh statement from the JD(U) Spokesperson said that the atmosphere of mistrust and incrimination has become widespread in the alliance. JDU leader and Rajya Sabha MP K.C. Tyagi has said, “Gathbandhan kahan kaam karta hai”(where does the coalition work). He also added, “when there was alliance with the BJP there was never such an awkward situation, as it is now”.
Congress to Joins the Bandwagon 

During the invitation of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's breakfast on Tuesday, the scene looked a bit revengeful. Congress party in the grand alliance is adopting an aggressive approach. In fact, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who supported NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind on Monday, had said that Nitish Kumar had taken the decision to defeat of 'Bihar's daughter'. He had said that those who believe in one theory take one decision and those who trust in many theories, keep on changing their decisions.

K.C. Tyagi Hits Back

However, JD Spokesperson on Azad's statement said that we are not part of the UPA.  K. C. Tyagi reminded Congress that during the alliance in Bihar, it was decided at the time of the elections that this notion would not be accepted in national politics.

In fact, the whole controversy started with the announcement of the name of the candidate for the post of President of the Meira Kumar, when Nitish Kumar refused to change his decision, raising the question on the selection saying that ' The daughter of  Bihar 'was chosen to defeat.

After this, however, the RJD President tried his best to change Nitish's decision on his behalf. During the Iftar party, there was a talk in both the leaders, but Nitish continued to say that if this is a historic mistake, then let it be.

Tejasvi Targets Uncle Nitish 

Thing did not stop here, on the lines of PM Modi's radio program 'Man Ki Baat', Bihar's Deputy CM Tejasvi Yadav has started 'Dil ki Baat’ and on Sunday, without taking the name of Nitish Kumar, Yadav called him self-centres and opportunist. Tejasvi added, “it is due to the self-centric approach of some of our allies that the opposition seems to be little unorganized, confused and scattered. Opportunism may bring some short-time benefits, but the history will be the testament of our record of supporting the progressive politics.

 Bihar Unit President Raises  Questions

This scathing attack on the CM of the state of the stunning state passed on to JDU and after this, Bihar unit president Vashishtha Narayan Singh raised the question on the future of the ruling coalition. He said that now people involved in the government are issuing such statements, then it is like ringing the alarm. 
                                                                                               ----Ashish Jha

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