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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lalu and Nitish part their ways after Presidential Election?

New Delhi, [Special Desk]. The crack in Bihar's coalition government is becoming more and more widespread with each passing day. Regardless of the top leadership of the parties involved in the general body, they are constantly being asked to not make rhetoric against each other, but the reality is that the leaders of the parties in the government today are looking at themselves with the future of this coalition. If the opinions of the trade pundits are taken into account, the breakdown of this alliance is almost certain. In such a way, the question arises, how many days will the coalition continue?

No big leaders except Sonia-Lalu-Nitish
After announcing support to the  NDA presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind, the leaders of the RJD started taking a potshot on Nitish Kumar. Laloo Yadav himself dubbed his decision as a historic blunder, while his son and the deputy CM of Bihar, Tejashvi Yadav alleged Nitish of being opportunist. Another ally Congress too joined the bandwagon. Its leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha Mr Ghulam Navi Azad allged Nitish of being a person of multiple ideologies and accused him for defeating the presidential candidate of his state.

We will not reconsider our decision: Nitish
However, after rigorous rapprochement in the grand alliance since last several days, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and other JDU leaders have tried to put all speculations to rest before the media. Questions were raised about the future of the grand alliance.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the political assault on NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind in support of JD (U) in the presidential election, in a tone, said, "We have made a commitment to serve the people. Regardless of what people from his alliance or the others think and speculate, we will not go back. On Wednesday, at the Eid meeting function organized at Anjuman Islam Hall on behalf of 'Jamaat A Hind', Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said these things. He said that we are trying to change society. This is not possible overnight.

Known as the second man in the party, Mr K.C. Tyagi told that our coalition in Bihar is very strong. There will be no impact on the government of different views on the presidential election. However, political analysts see his statement with suspicious eyes.

The breakdown of this alliance is imminent

Indeed, there is a ruckus in the big coalition in Bihar, even if it seems to break for a few days, but political analysts believe that this is an alliance of opportunism, whose rupture is almost certain. Former MP and senior journalist Shahid Siddiqui is not considering this alliance to last for long.

Shahid Siddiqui said that Nitish Kumar had always opened the window for the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that Nitish Kumar is playing games from both sides today. He said that Nitish Kumar has given a clear indication to the BJP about the 2019 elections, while on the other side, he is also running the stance on Lalu Yadav so that Lalu does not put any pressure on him. It is because of the continuous effort of Lalu Yadav to pressure Nitish on the side of Lalu Yadav in the last days. 

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