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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kumble’s Rule was like Gurukuls of Yesteryears

Anil Kumble resigned on Tuesday after seeing captain Virat Kohli and some team members unhappy with his coaching method. Kumble shared a letter on Twitter after the resignation, and thanked the BCCI, and the COA. During his tenure, Anil named his achievements in the name of team and captain. You must remember that in the movie 'Mohabbatein', there were some rules of Amitabh Bachchan's character Narayan Shankar, whom he considered essential for his Gurukul. Perhaps the same rules were made by Kumble in Team India.

Anil Kumble has kept some points in his message, which probably had the main controversy. Kumble put forward 5 points which need attention. Take a look at these:

1. Professional:
First of all, Kumble talked about being a professional. Kumble's clear message was that he might have been a former player of the team, but he was appointed as a coach, which he was trying to play professionally. But the players were probably not happy with that method.

2. Discipline:
If Anil Kumble paid attention to anything in his tenure, then that was discipline. He wanted all the players to pay attention to the game, not the things around and so on. As per the media reports, Kumble wanted to improve the loose attitude of the team—on the foreign tours, Going with Girlfriends, or even shopping.

3. Commitment:
The commitment to Kumble's rules was highly appreciated. Kumble is always thinking that the player who is in the team for the work is committed to and try to give his 100 percent.

4. Honesty:
During his career, Anil Kumble was considered as one of the most loyal players in the team and therefore probably as coach, he had the same expectations from all the players.

5. Skills:
During Anil Kumble's tenure as coach, we have seen seriousness on skill issues. Kumble clearly told all the players that if any player goes out of the team due to injury or any other reason, he must first prove himself a fitness and form. And then he will get a return ticket in the team and not otherwise.

                                                                 ----Ramanad Yadav

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