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Monday, June 5, 2017

India's Claim for NSG Membership Complicated: China

China has said on Monday that India's claim for membership of NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) has become more 'complicated' in 'new circumstances'. China also said that the same rules should be enforced for all non-non-proliferation treaty (NPT) countries. Please note that most member countries are supporting India's entry into the NSG, while China has always opposed India's membership in this group of 48 countries.

Here, China's Assistant Foreign Minister Li Huilai told the reporter, "If talking about NSG, it is a new issue in new circumstances and it is far more complicated than before." However, he did not tell what the new conditions and complexities are. He said, "China promotes NSG for such measures which can be implemented in a non-discriminatory and universally manner, which is applicable to all NSG members."

Pakistan also applied for the membership of the NSG. China has not openly supported Pakistan's membership, but it has talked of two-step approach. According to this, countries that do not sign NPT should decide certain rules before taking them in the NSG. After this he should go ahead with the discussion on the issue of a country. Last month, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told the media that there has been no change in China's stand on the issue of taking NPG signals to countries that did not sign the NPG. In this way, he dismissed the issue of India's entry into the NSG.

When asked about India's entry into the NSG in Switzerland this month, Foreign Minister Li Huaii said, "China's stand on the issue of involvement in NSG's membership of the NPT has not changed." Although China may have been opposing India's entry into the NSG, the Foreign Minister has insisted that her country wants to strengthen its relations with India.

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