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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Indian Cricket Fans Raise Accusing Finger on Virat as Kumble Resigns

Anil Kumble quit the head coach of Team India. He was asked by the coach selection committee to continue the post of Head Coach, but he resigned on Tuesday. The idea was already there, but they also confronted Virat Kohli with the greatest reason. 

Kumble became coach a year ago in June. This moderate team India did well.
Even after this, did Virat's relationship with Kumble become so bad that he had to leave the coach post? On Twitter, he wrote his 'pain' while releasing the statement. He told his duty is to show the mirror. Whom he refers to? Whom he wants to show the mirror?

Possible causes of worsening relationships with Virat

1. Trouble with tough coach
It is said that coach Kumble was very tough about team discipline in India. On many occasions, he had even reprimanded the players during practice. At the same time, on many tours, he was against the boyfriends of the players of the team, accompanying of wives. However, he never openly gave any statement about this.

2. Vrita's classical love
If media reports are to be believed, then Virat Kohli's first choice as coach is Ravi Shastri. He was associated with Kumble as Director and Coach of Team India.

3. Virat had openly opposed
After the defeat at the hands of Pakistan in the Champions Trophy, the case settled between coach Kumble and captain Virat was again tangled. Virat had openly objected to Kumble before the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) one day before the final. The advisory committee was in dilemma.

Captain troubled with my style

Kumble said, "I am thankful to the CAC (Coach Appointment Committee) that it expressed confidence in me and asked me to continue as head coach. He said that the credit goes to the whole team, coaching and sporting staff for the past one year's achievements.

For the first time I told BCCI yesterday that Captain (Virat Kohli) is not comfortable with my 'style' and my appointment as coach. This was a surprise to me because I always respected the role of captaincy and coach. Although the BCCI tried to solve the misunderstanding between Captain and me, and I think it is good to move on.

Professionalism, discipline, commitment, honesty, skill and various considerations are important. He said that I think that in the role of coach, I have done a mirror show to improve in the team's interest.

Kumble further wrote, "Because of these 'objections', I feel that this responsibility should be handed over to the Cricket Advisory Committee and the BCCI, delegate this responsibility to those whom they deem fit.

He said, 'Keep reminding me again that serving as a chief coach for the last one year is a full privilege. I thank all CAC, BCCI, COA. "
He said 'I want to thank the followers and cricket fans for their support for the Indian cricket team’. He also said that he would be well wisher of this tradition of cricket.
                                                                  ---Ashish Jha

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