Indian Arnav has more IQ than Einstein

London: Arnav Sharma, an 11-year-old Indian student, has become the most intelligent child in the country by securing the highest number of 162 marks in the Mensa IQ test. He has gained two points more than the great scientist Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. In South England, Arnav Sharma of Reading Town passed the Mensa IQ test, famous for the toughest test a few weeks ago without any preparation. He had never given this test before. According to the news of The Independent, his marks in the Test are placed at the IQ level at the top of the country.

Sharma said, Mensa test is quite difficult and hence there are handful number of persons who clear it. I just did not expect to pass it. I gave this test and it took about two and a half hours. He said there were about seven or eight people there. Sharma said that he was not keen on giving the test. He said - I did not prepare for the test but I was not even nervous.

My family was surprised but they were also very happy when I told them about the result. Her mother, Misha Dhamija Sharma, said, I was thinking what would be going on because she had never seen how this paper would be. He said that when he was two and a half years old I knew about the skills of his maths. Sharma has passion for singing and dancing too.When she was eight years old, she also reached the semi-finals of 'Readings Got Talent' by making Bollywood dance.

Oldest IQ Society

Mensa is considered the world's largest and old high icon society. Scientific and advocates Lancelot Lionel Ware and Australian Barrister Roland Beryl founded it in 1946 in Oxford. Later, this organization spread to the world.
                                                              ---Anamika Jha