GST will Create 13 Lakh New Jobs

GST i.e., Goods and Service Tax will be applicable from July 1, across the country. With the introduction of GST, there will be a change in the prices of many things. Along with that, GST will also bring good news for the youth.

With the implementation of GST, 13 lakh new jobs will be available. Under this, there will be a golden opportunity for the youth to do in other areas including banks, consumer products, insurance, real estate and medicines.

GST to bring 13 lakh new jobs
After the GST is implemented in the country, 13 lakh youth will get a golden chance to brighten their future. According to an assessment by the industry experts, tax based on the GST implementation and the demand for technical know-how will increase rapidly.

About 85 lakh companies and business entities are registered under the GST, out of which 65 lakh have already been registered. To work in these companies, more trained people will be needed. Under this, those who have mastered the bank and financial services will need the people working on the Excel seat on the computer.

Industry experts say that the demands of commerce educators and chartered accountants will go up further than before. Large companies have started preparing for it from now. Industry experts say that in the current time, the information technology (IT) sector, which is undergoing lethargy, can get new momentum from GST.

Meet these chances

GST will have 85 lakh units. In this, one per cent of the big companies, i.e.,  85 thousand and five trained people, will also need 4.25 lakh people.
                                                            ---Ramanand Yadav