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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

GSLV MK-3 Launch: Space for Common Man; Multiplied Net Speed

ISRO's Most Powerful Satellite Launch Vehicle GSLV Mark 3D-1 took the first flight on Monday. Its weight is equal to 200 elephants. It was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Andhra Pradesh. Rocket transported the country's heaviest communication satellite GSAT-19, equal to an elephant, into a space orbit in 16 minutes. This will be the beginning of high speed internet in India in the coming years. ISRO said that in the coming days, the new GSLV rocket can allow people to travel to space.

What is GSLV MK-3?

GSLV is a satellite launch vehicle of ISRO.
Its full name is Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.
ISRO has developed this rocket.
Through this, 11 times since 2001, have been sent to the satellite space.
The last flight was filled on May 5, 2017,
Then it took GSAT-9.

Benefits of GSLV MK-3

• Through this, large satellites will be launched in the country itself.
• This is simple, improved payload and strong launch vehicle
• Total weight 640 tons, it is equal to 200 elephants
• It is capable of providing high-speed internet services
• GSLV Mk-3 is a rocket of India in the future.
• Internet speed will increase substantially
• GSLV Mk-3 will be sent to the satellite GSAT-19 on Monday. After its successful launch, the speed of the internet in India will be greatly increased. Within one and a half years, two other communications satellites, GSAT-11 and GSAT-20 are also planned to be sent in space.
• Now, India will be able to launch large and heavy satellites without being dependent on other countries.
• It can carry satellites weighing up to 4 tons in space.
• Its capacity is twice the capacity of two tons of existing GSLV Mark 2. Yes,
• Has limited strength to carry 8 tons of weight to the low-altitude orbit of the earth. That is enough to carry the crew of India.
• ISRO has already planned to send 2 to 3 members in space. Around $ 4 billion is waiting for funding.

Why is it being called Fat Boy?

- The weight of GSLV Mark 3 is 630 tonnes, which is equivalent to 200 elephants (one elephant - about 3 tons). The height is about 42 meters. It weighs 5 full Boeing jumbo aircraft or 200 elephants. That is why it is being called fat boy. 160 crores have been spent in making this.
Now let's tell you what are the advantages of GSAT-19 Satellite

What is Satellite GSAT-19?

• Space Applications Center, built in Ahmedabad
• There is a revolutionary revolution in the communications sector for India
• It will be equal to the group of 6-7 communication satellites
• Made in India satellite will empower Digital India
• For the first time there will be no transponders on a satellite
• It will be able to deliver four gigabytes of data per second
• Weighing approximately 3.2 tonnes, it will be 15 years old

What is gsat-11?

• It will be launched in the next few months
• Weight is 5.8 tons, it will be sent with the help of US
• At the end of this year it will be left in space
• It will be able to deliver 13 gigabytes of data per second

What is gsat-20?

• Plan for its launch by the end of 2018
• Its data rate will be between 60-70 gigabytes per second

ISRO president SS Kiran Kumar said that this mission is important because it is the biggest rocket and satellite ever to be released from the country.

                                                                        ---Sheetal Gaur

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