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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Family Pours in to Bless Arabh

The mundane ceremony of Son of Mr Ashutosh kumar Jha and Moni Jha, Mr Arabh was celebrated with all vedic rituals, gaiety and fervor in his village, Koilakh, known as the intellectual capital of Mithila.

Almost entire family poured in to Bless the Boy on one of his biggest occasions. The grandfather of Arabh, Mr Chandrasekhar Jha, Retired Under Secretary was very much elated on the auspicious occasion. All his brothers, namely Mr Indu Shekhar Jha, Shashi Sekhar Jha and Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha were present to grace the occasion.

When Mr Ashish Jha, uncle of Arabh went to his village, especially to bless the boy(however he could not make his presence on that very day), the Grandmother of Arabh seemed ecstatic to the core. She said, “I am too happy to express in apt words my degree of happiness. A feeling of gratitude overwhelms me for almost entire family has descended here, just for this occasion. In the recent past, I do not remember any occasion with such a massive presence.

The maternal side of Arabh was also well represented. His maternal grandfather, grandmother, maternal uncle all registered their presence to make the day special and memorable one. Entire village dwellers enjoyed the celebration and graced the occasion with his presence. 
                                                                 ---Sushmita Jha

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