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Friday, June 23, 2017

DSP Lynched to Death

Srinagar: On the auspicious night of Shab-e-Kadar, when the Muslims in the world were immersed in the worship of Khuda renouncing all their sins, at that time in the historic Jamia Mosque situated in the summer capital of India, a DSP of the State Police, going to the plain clothes, Mohammad Ayub Pandit was beaten to death by rogue elements outside the mosque. DSP also fired a gun to save lives, the security personnel present there used sticks to disperse the crowd, but to no avail. Three youths were also injured by the bullets coming out from the pistol of DSP.

In the incident after midnight, there was no immediate identification of the dead DSP and no police officer was able to identify him till two o'clock. Everyone was saying that this is a non-Muslim officer of an intelligence agency. At the time when the DSP fired from the crowd outside, at that time, the leader of the moderate Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Moulavi Omar Farooq was teaching the people of Islam peace, kindness and brotherhood while teaching the lessons of Islam.

It is said that the last night was Shab-e-Kandra. On this happy occasion, people in the local mosques, Khanhahs and dargahs had gathered for Namaz-I-Ibadat. Shab-e-Kadr, commonly in Islamist mosques, spend the whole night in prayer.

There is a huge Majlis on this occasion in the historic Jamia Mosque of Srinagar. After midnight, a DSP of the State Police Mohammad Ayub also went to Jamia Masjid for worship. He was in plain clothes. But some mischievous elements outside the mosque recognized and  caught him. They started beating the DSP. A young man allegedly snatched his pistol and tried to shoot him. But in the melee he failed to shoot and three other young men who were beating the DSP they got  wounded by the bullet. They have been identified as Danish Mir, Mudassar Ahmed and Sajjad Ahmed Butt. All three have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

In the meantime, the voice of bullet hit the pandemonium there. Policemen and CRPF personnel deployed at some distance from Jamia reached the spot after hearing the bullet. They see a person beating there, using sticks and teargas on the disturbing elements to save him. But as long as he pushed the violent crowd, the DSP had died due to the mob. Along with this, clashes began between the violent mob and the policemen.

Police had to use sticks, tear gas to control the situation. Due to tear gas, pilgrims present in Jamia Masjid also faced lots of difficulties. Due to the identity of the DSP, there remained suspicion for a long time. No policeman or officer, including the station officer of the Navhata police station,  the concerned DSP and SP, could identify him. All began to claim that the deceased is a central intelligence agency officer.

Later, when the body of the deceased was taken to the post-mortem, it was found that there is no non-Muslim who died, but DSP Mohammed Ayub Pandit, posted in the security wing of the state police. The deceased Jamia Masjid was a resident of Khayyar. After completing necessary formalities in the morning, his body was handed over to his family. Police has also started a case in this regard by registering a case. Police officer's pistol is also being searched.
                                                                            ----Ashish Jha

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