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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dimple's Daunting Moment with Vinod Khanna in an Intimate Scene

Mumbai: During the shooting of a film with Shumar Dimple Kapadia in one of the biggest hit heroes of his time, such an incident had happened, after which the dread-comedy Dimple went missing in the makeup form. Now you should be thinking, what such a tragic incident has happened in the past, due to which Dimple had to flee from the pursuit in a make-up room.

Actually, this incident happened during the shooting of a romantic scene of the film. According to media reports, the late actor Vinod Khanna used to shoot a movie whenever he was so lost in character that everything was really real and not real.

Dimple was shocked by the incident

Vinod Khanna was working in a film 'Prem Dharam' in the seventies. In it there was Dimple Kapadia and director of the film Mahesh Bhatt. During the shooting of 'Prem Dharam', Vinod Khanna had to do an intimate scene with Dimple Kapadia. During the shooting of scene, Vinod could not control himself, despite being a cut, he kept doing Dimple for a long time. Dimple was shocked by this incident. Later, Mahesh Bhatt had to apologize for this incident.

According to the film scene, Vinod Khanna had to do first to the Dimple. After this, he had to hug Dimple before sleeping. Vinod Khanna reached the set for the shooting of the movie 'Prem Dharam' in the night schedule. After that he changed his costume and got ready for the intimate scene and came closer to Dimple.

Mahesh Bhatt dimmed the light enough to bring the originality in the scene and called 'action'. As soon as the action was done, Vinod did the first to the Dimple and then started hugging him. Mahesh Bhatt asked him to shift his unit slightly back down the bedroom to make Sean more intensive. Mahesh shouted action as Mahesh Bhatt and Vinod Khanna were more in the distance.

After this, Vinod Khanna started to kiss Dimple and hug. Mahesh Bhatt spoke 'cut' after the shooting of the film but Vinod did not hear due to the excess of the distance, and he constantly kept doing the Dimple. After this scene, Dimple had been in shock and did not understand what happened after all.

Mahesh Bhatt rushed there and said, "Cut it down." After hearing his cut, Vinod Khanna left Dimple. After this accident, Dimple got angry and went to his make-up form. Mahesh Bhatt later apologized to Dimple.
                                                                                 ---Ashish Jha


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