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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Death is not the End of Life

Death means the separation of the soul from the physical body. Death becomes a starting point of life and a better life. It opens the door of the high form of life. It is the only gateway of whole life. Birth and death are delusional. As soon as birth takes place, death begins and as soon as death comes, life begins. Birth and death are the gateway to enter and out on this world stage. In fact no one comes and no one goes. Only Brahma and Anant are existed. As you go from house to house, the soul enters from one body to the other in order to gain experience. Just as a man wears old clothes and wears new clothes, the same spirit leaves the old body and holds a new body. Death is not the end of life. Life is a never-ending process. It keeps on moving continuously. Death is an urgent event that has to be done to develop every soul in the future. A discerning and intelligent man is never afraid of death.

Every soul is a cycle. The perimeter of this circle is not ending anywhere but its center is our body. Then why should you be afraid of death? God or supreme soul is mortal, timeless, unfounded and infinite. It is a center for body, mind and whole world. Death only attains to the physical body, which is made up of five elements. How can death kill the eternal soul, which is beyond time, place and action? If you want liberation from the cycle of birth and death then you have to be bodyless. Body is the result of our actions. You should do any work without expecting a reward. If you free yourself from anger or likes and dislikes, then you will also free yourself from karma. You can only eliminate the ego and rid yourself of the 'anger' and 'malice'. When ignorance can end the ignorance, then you can also destroy the ego. Therefore the reason for the root of this body is ignorance. Whoever realized the immortal soul which is beyond all sound, sight, taste and touch, which is formless and nirguna, which is beyond prakruti, which is beyond three bodies and five elements, which is infinite and irreversible, He liberated himself from death's mouth.

The organism or individual soul holds many bodies to display their actions and to gain experience. He enters the body, and then when the body is not worth living, then he abandons it. He again builds a new body and repeats the same process again. This process is called transmigration. Whose new body is called the birth of the soul in the new body. The separation of the soul from the body is called death. If there is no soul in the body then that body is dead body and it is called natural death. Natural death is unknown for monocular organisms. When such organisms get life on Earth then their death is unknown. This phenomenon happens only with multicellular organisms. The research of laboratories has shown that its organ can work even after the end of one's life. Even after death, white blood cells survive in the body for several months. Death is not the end of life. This is just the end of an important personality. Life goes on to win over the world. It continues till it becomes dissolved in infinity.

                                                                ---Sacchidanand G

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