Crack in Ruling Coalition in Bihar: Hints K.C. Tyagi

New Delhi: In the name of support to the presidential candidate, a crack in the ruling coalition in Bihar is becoming widespread and clear. On Tuesday, the pain of the Joint Component JDU was also exposed. Senior party leader K.C. Tyagi believes that JDU's alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was more comfortable. J.D.U. Secretary-General, K.C. Tyagi clearly said that there was a problem with 'ideology' with BJP, but they were more comfortable. He expressed his surprise that at a time when Congress had to take steps to end the dispute due to being a big national party, then the senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who commented on Nitish Kumar, was totally offensive. He said that such statements will make things worse.

'BJP was more comfortable with'
Tyagi said, "JDU's alliance with BJP was comfortable. The conceptual problem was definitely, but there was no problem working. ' JD (U) MP expressing grief over the 'knot' created in the grand alliance, said, "We wanted to run the grand alliance in Bihar for five years. But such statements will not be tolerated, in which any party leaders are being spoken against. He said that the party is not comfortable with the statement of Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad. Tyagi said, "We have done grand alliance only in Bihar, this Congress should remember. Congress is engaged in naming Nitish Kumar's character, which can not be tolerated. Congress general secretary Azad said two days ago, claiming the candidature of the presidential candidate Meera Kumar as a boon that Bihar's daughter is working to defeat Nitish Kumar. He has already announced to defeat the daughter of the downtrodden in his state.

Talk about Lalu-Nitish
At Patna, there was an initiative to reduce the dispute between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar. According to sources, there was talk between the two on Tuesday. Both agreed that party leaders in their respective parties must stop them from making unnecessary rhetoric. After this, Nitish Kumar issued orders for his leaders not to make any statement separate from the party line. Lalu Prasad had given the same instructions to his leaders, but the new battle sparked between the Congress and the Nitish has raised the problem.

RJD-Congress not in Compatible Condition
RJD leader and deputy CM Tejasvi Yadav also took a dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday. His statement was also taken seriously by the Congress leadership. At the same time, the RJD leaders complain that the Congress leader in the state is not playing the religion of the grand alliance properly. Despite opposition from Nitish on the presidential election, the party is telling the statement given by Ghulam Nabi Azad in the wrong time. In such a situation, if both the RJD and the JDU parties grew upset with the Congress, then it could be difficult for the party.

BJP jumps in controversy, gives Nitish offer
In view of the growing controversy in the alliance in Bihar, BJP aggravates the situation. On the occasion, the party appealed to Nitish Kumar to leave the alliance and come along with the BJP. Senior party leader Sushil Kumar Modi said that the right thing is that Nitish Kumar was never comfortable with Lalu Prasad and the Congress and his government was doing fine with BJP.

Significantly, JD-U is supporting former Bihar Governor Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election, while RJD and Congress are in support of Meera Kumar. The 17 opposition parties, including the Congress, want to  xpress solidarity by fighting this election as a "fight for ideology". Former Lok Sabha speaker Meera Kumar will be campaigning on 30th of June with the Sabarmati Ashram of Gujarat, where Mahatma Gandhi used to be.