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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Congress' Call for MP Closure Amid Kishan Movement in the state

Violence has not stopped in the ongoing Kisan movement in Madhya Pradesh. On Tuesday, at Mandsaur, agitators handed over 8 trucks and 2 bikes to the fire. Police also pelted stones at CRPF. 6 people were killed in the firing of CRPF to control the condition. After this the curfew was imposed in the city. Farmers’ organizations and Congress have announced the closure of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday in protest against firing. Rahul Gandhi and Hardik Patel will reach Mandsaur on Wednesday. They will also meet the farmers.

National Kisan Mazdoor Sangh has called for a half-day state shutdown on Wednesday. Given the bandh, Indore Police-administration has imposed more than 1100 jawans on highways, main roads and entry points in the city. These young people will protect those who bring milk and vegetables. After a day of peace, some farmers in Indore then performed outside the Chothram mandi.
After some summer holidays, some government and private schools were opened from June 6, but the district administration has issued leave orders on Wednesday.
- On the other hand, the impact of the announcement of the closure of the Indian Farmer Union (Tikait) and the Congress in Bhopal can also be found on the supply of milk along with low floor bus service. The district administration and the police say that daily as the vegetable market, TT Nagar market, Chowk Bazar, Baragarh will be open. The police force will also be deployed around the hospitals.
Speaking on TV, the Home Minister- the police firing, the collector said- We have not given orders
- A statement of state Home Minister Bhupendra Singh on Tuesday (audio tape) was viral on social media. In it, they are saying that the police were firing on the farmers. When Bhaskar asked Lion about this audio tape, he said that everything will come out from judicial investigation. Mandsore collector, independent Kumar Singh, said after the incident that we did not order to fire. Earlier, Bhupendra Singh had said that there was no firing from the police or the CRPF.

- Congress spokesperson KK Mishra said that Rahul Gandhi will reach Mandsaur on Wednesday. They will also meet the farmers.
- Tell that the farmers are making many demands including debt forgiveness. A faction has got a settlement with the government. Despite this, violence continues.
What did the Kisan movement say?
1) CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan - "I am always ready to solve every problem through discussion, let the people of the violence do not succeed." Our government is always standing with the farmers, some political parties and anti-social elements have conspired Tried to give a movement under violence.
2) Rahul Gandhi- "The government is fighting a war with the farmers of the country."
3) Kisan Mazdoor Sangh President Shivkumar Sharma- "Agitators are not anti-social, but the government is in the hands of anti-social elements, this is the result of the statement in which the Home Minister had said that the agitators will deal strictly with them."
4) Former Union Minister and Member of Parliament, Kamal Nath said, "It has become clear from the fact that the bullets, sticks to the untimely farmers' tilted, have been declared in the state that an undeclared emergency is taking place in the state."
5) Leader of Opposition, Ajay Singh said: "The Chief Minister's gesture has been fired on farmers. One day ago CM had asked the farmers to take strict action, which the district administration showed."
6) Former Union Minister, Jyotiraditya Scindia said, "This is the silence of Shivraj Sarkar's government. This is a dark day in the history of the state. The judicial inquiry is going on and the action of the culprits."
28 vehicles were burnt in violence
- On Tuesday, about one thousand peasants marched towards Mandsaur-Neemach Road. This is where the violence sparks After this, 8 trucks and 2 bikes set fire to Police and CRPF tried to handle the situation. However, the crowd started stone pelting. After this there was firing.
The names of those killed are Kanhaiyalal Patidar resident Chilod Pipaliya, Bunty Patidar resident Takrawad, resident of Nayakheda of Chainaram Patidar, Abhishek Patidar Barkhedapanth and Satyanarayan Patidar are Barkhedapanth. In Mandsaur, only a person named injured Arif was being taken to Indore. On the way to Nagda, he died.
After this, the crowd set fire to Sitamou toll booth on Garth Road in Mandsaur. A total of 28 vehicles were burnt.
- Mandsaur has been banned from the Internet since Monday. After the firing, the District Collector imposed Section 144 and then imposed the curfew.
In the meantime, Digvijay Singh has said that on the issue of farmers we hope to support the people of Madhya Pradesh. Will remain closed on Wednesday in Madhya Pradesh.

CM's order for judicial inquiry
On the incident of Mandsaur, Shivraj Singh Chauhan has ordered the order of judicial inquiry. Home Minister Bhupendra Singh said: There is conspiracy to make the agitation agitated for six days. The police was working patiently. Order to handle strict anti-social elements has been given.
- CM announces Rs. 5 lakhs to the relatives of the dead, 10 million jobs and the injured.
What are the demands of farmers' government?
According to Kedar Force Convenor Kedar Patel and Jagdish Rawlia, the farmers had given 32-point demand letter to the MP government. These were discussed on Monday with CM. They had approved some of this demands. According to Patel, the main demands are:
1) The MP government, after making a law, removed Section 34 of compensation for taking the land of farmers and the farmers had withdrawn their right to court. This is the first demand of farmers to remove this law.

2) Swaminathan Commission's recommendations

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