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Monday, June 12, 2017

Congress Leader says Army is Road Side Hooligan; Opposition demands apology from Sonia

What did Sandeep Dixit say?

Sandeep Dikshit said, "Our armed forces are as strong and as the security of the borders and whenever Pakistan acts there, they answer it befittingly. Everyone knows that. The second thing is that today's Prime Minister, today's people shout this thing more loudly. But our army is strong. We have always given a powerful response to Pakistan on the border. It's not about today that it has been running for the last 70 years. Pakistan can do the same thing, go and do such acts and give a rousing statement. Bad, it seems when our Army Chief gives a statement like a street goose. "

Congress leader and former MP Sandeep Dikshit has some such opinion about the army chief. He was asked that Pakistan's army chief Kamar Javed Bajwa is threatening India by visiting LoC thrice a month, what do you have to say on this? In response, words like Sandeep Dixit came out.
Seeing the flutist, Sandeep Dixit also apologized and said, "The way the Chief of Army Staff used the language in the past. I used to think that it is not a proper language as a person. We hope to behave differently from our army. But I do not want to draw this thing any more. I think the kind of words I've used are probably wrong. So I apologize for that. I'll take that word back too. "

Congress has come to target the statement of Sandeep Dikshit. Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said, "What is the problem with the Congress? How did the Congress dare to call the army chief a punk of the road?

Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit has no objection to what special statement of Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, but he said that in his statement the BJP and the defense expert are exhausted on the way the uneven glance for the army. At the same time Congress has crossed the statement of Sandeep Dixit.

Sandeep Dikshit has apologized for his statement but the big question is: will not the morale of the army fall from these statements? Will not the terrorists of Jammu and Kashmir be encouraged by such statements? The biggest question is, why would a leader like Sandeep Dixit want to use the army's name to polish his politics?

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