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Saturday, June 10, 2017

CM Nitish Lashes out at Panchayat Heads

CM Nitish hit the head of Mukhiya at Nalanda in Bihar. He bluntly said, “who has given you power? Stop provoking people against the government.
Nalanda: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who reached the Mubarpur youth farmer JDU workers' meeting at Harnaut in Bihar's Nalanda district, took potshot at the Panchayati raj chief. He said that the leaders have tricked some people that they have not been given the powers given in Panchayati Raj. Development work in the ward and village Panchayat is not done through the heading but through joint efforts of all the people and the general public through the Gram Sabha.

He said that through village panchayat we want to develop the village. But the leaders are flutering about the government and stirring up the issue. CM pinched Mukhiyaji and said, 'Who gave you power?' Under the law made by the state government, you have been given many rights at Panchayat level.
He said that the Gram Sabhas have been formed so that no representative should be deported with the public at any level. Work will be on the recommendations of the wards, members, Panchayat Samiti etc. which will decide in the Gram Sabha.

                                        I will keep my promise

He said that I will put full force to fulfill the promise made by the people in the time of election. During the seven resolutions, during a meeting, women demanded alcoholism. I had said that this time, if I came to power, I would implement the prohibition law.

                                            Toilet-free Society

CM said that seven decisions have to be made to impose prohibitions on liquor, every household plan, to create a toilet-free society, to open house-to-house electricity besides agriculture sector, health, education etc. This work is also getting faster. Apart from this, now my dream is to eliminate child marriage and dowry practice in whole of Bihar. For this, this campaign will be launched in whole of Bihar from October.

                                The Situation in Bihar was Grim

He said that at the time when I came from winning with MLA and Member of Parliament, at that time, Bihar's situation was very pathetic. At that time I used to visit village-village and used to think in my mind that whenever I get a chance, I will also change the picture with the fate of Bihar. He said that by the end of this year power will reach the corners of the state.

CM also assured to make Mubarpur middle school plus two to the demand of villagers of Mubarpur. He said that in the coming years, road and gutter-street will be built to every house of the village. In addition to this, to direct the DM to provide land to make a primary health center for nearby villages including Mubarpur, Sadikpur.

                        Reservation for Women in Panchayat

He said that in the Panchayat elections, there is 35 percent reservation for women development. After this, I had promised that 35 percent reservation will be given to women in the state government jobs, which I have applied. Now in any job of the state government, 35% reservation is being given to women from Sepoy, Dorda to any other job. Work is being made to develop and develop agricultural road map for the farmers.

He said that the provision of giving bonus to farmers on the purchase of paddy, but due to the wrong policy of the central government, the situation of farmers is getting worse today. He said that the Central Government had talked of giving employment to 2 crore young people, but till date no one got anything.
                              Skill Development Centre for the Youths

For the youth, the state government has opened a skill development center for education from employment to search where everything from computer to computer is given. For the students, the government created a student credit card. Students are being provided loan from the bank. Unless the young classes read, how will the growth be possible? That's why we also have complete education on education.

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