China Chides India Again

India and China's army are standing face-to-face on Sikkim border. This led Army Chief Bipin Rawat to reach Sikkim on Thursday to review the situation. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has demanded immediate withdrawal of army from India.

Kang said that we demand that India withdraw its forces immediately. This is a prerequisite for negotiation and talk between the two parties. There is tension on the border of China adjacent to the North-Eastern Sikkim region for a week. China has accused Indian soldiers of entering the border and preventing the construction of roads. The Chinese army broke the two bunkers of India and said these were built in the Chinese border. China is giving tough message even from Beijing and is constantly accusing India for disturbing the peaceful environment.

From where did the controversy start?
In earlier this month, Indian soldiers protested against China's construction of a road from Donglong, Sikkim sector. After this, Chinese soldiers broke two Indian bunkers in Sikkim sector, telling that these two bunkers were in its territory. Since then, thousands of soldiers from both countries are face to face. Actually, India has strengthened its preparations on the China border. In fact, since the time India started making bunkers at the places where there were already the old bunkers, China seems to be very disturbed and hence does some provocative measures.
What objections do China have?
The incident of the removal of the Indian bunker happened in the first week of June in Doka La area of Sikkim, due to which there was a tension on the Indo-China border in the Sikkim region. The history of the China-India border dispute is quite long. There are 3,488 km long border between the two countries, from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. In this, 220 km of part falls in Sikkim. Since the border line is not completely clear in this area, there is no clear basis for the boundary.

Know the dispute Bhutan connection
In Donglang area where the Chinese side are constructing roads, fall in the Bhutan territory. But, since India has the right of foreign and defense affairs of Bhutan, it objected to the construction. But, China has its own set of arguments. It says that since it is between China and Bhutan, India is the third party, hence it should not and cannot raise its accusing finger on China. China seems to be uncomfortable with the increase in dominance in that region.

What said the Chinese Foreign Ministry say?

China's Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying - The country is respecting sovereignty of other countries. The China-Bhutan border is not defined, no third party should intervene in this matter and should not take irresponsible comment or action. China accuses India of a secret agenda and said- If a third party interferes with the secret agenda, then it is an insult to Bhutan's sovereignty. We do not want to see this because Bhutan deserves sovereignty by the international community. China called road construction in Sikkim sector as legitimate and stressed that it is being made in the Chinese area which is neither of India nor Bhutan. Chinese foreign affairs ministry spokesman said that no other country has the right to interfere.

                                                                                         ---Ashish Jha