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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Caring for unattended cows is more important: Nitish

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while replying the questions about BJP and Goraksha, said jokingly that the Gorkhaland, which calls itself as sensitive to animals and cow, is the first duty of them to make special Gaushalas for the animals roaming freely on the road and keep them in it. And serve him.
Responding to questions related to cow slaughter during the interaction with journalists after the public dialogue on Monday, Nitish said that killing is prohibited in Bihar. This is not the law of today. Long ago, the killing in Bihar is forbidden. The mentality of the people here is not killing the cow.

Targeting the BJP's ally Gorakshak Dal, he said that the unattended animals roam on the road, due to which many accidents decreased. The cow-keepers should follow these abandoned animals.

Animals are dying of eating plastics
Nitish said how many animals are dying of eating plastic. It is the first duty of the gorakshaks who call themselves sensitive to animals and cows, make special Gaushalas for the unclaimed animals on the road and keep them in it and serve them.

The Chief Minister said that he is going to use this kind of pattern in Patna. He said that the name of the cow that removed people's attention from the fundamental problems we have against him.

On the question of Kashmir

In response to a question asked on the Kashmir issue, Nitish said that the situation of Kashmir is very sensitive. The central government should take the initiative to take action along all parties.

He said that all parties should be involved in Kashmir problem. Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is the part of India  and all Indians have same view on this. He said that the solution to the Kashmir problem is the matter of the Central Government's jurisdiction.

Bihar does not trust BJP leadership

The BJP in Bihar has lost the credibility. It is now rudderless party. This party is not even significant for the people of Bihar.

About the Presidential Election

When asked about the election for the President, Nitish said that the ruling party at the center should take initiative to create a consensus if they do not do so, the opposition will field its candidate.
                                                                          --Ashish Jha

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