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Thursday, June 22, 2017

BSEB Bihar Board 10th Result 2017 Today

Bihar Board Matriculation Results (Bihar Board 10th result 2017) will come at 1pm today. In fact, because of taking oath as the Governor of Kesari Nath Tripathi today, instead of 11 am, it will be declared at 1 pm on Wednesday, bihar Board matriculation 2017. Results can be viewed on the official website as well as To get the result you can register your name and mobile number right now on our website, as well as after the results on Thursday, you can see the result directly on the official website. During this time you can also get your mark sheet.

This time the result of matriculation examination (Bihar board 10th result 2017) will be slightly better than last year. Bihar Board has decided to give grace to the students. According to the decision, students will get gross up to 8 percent marks. At the same time, if the division is left out of some marks, students will be given five points or less. This decision of the Board is being projected to increase percentage of total success.
Hope will be up to 50 percent
This time the percentage of success of the total students will increase in the results of matriculation (Bihar board 10th result 2017). It is expected that the success of the total students in the matriculation will be more than 50 percent and below 60 percent. The percentage of boys' success in this would be better than girls. Last percentage of total success was 44.66.

Physical verification of metric toppers in three days
There seems to be no controversy regarding topper like inter examination. For this reason, Bihar Board has made physical verification of several students who have made the place in the top five of the matriculation for three days. Several toppers were also called on Monday. On Saturday and Sunday, the team of experts asked the students many questions. Students from Symuttala Residential School were also involved in this.

Investigators of top copies of experts
In the Bihar board, the copies of the toppers are constantly under investigation. Copies of toppers are being examined by specialist teachers of the subject. This process continues uninterruptedly. The copies are being examined in the conference hall of the secondary division of Bihar Board. Physical verification of topper students in this hall has taken place on Monday.

Patna students will get better result

This time the result of Matriculation (Bihar Board 10th result 2017) will be better in Patna district's result overall.  Patna is expected to be the result three. Patna's result is expected to be better from last year.
                                                                        ---Sushmita Jha

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