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Friday, June 16, 2017

Blast in Shia-dominated area of Kabul

Blast took place in a mosque campus located in Shia-dominated area of ​​Kabul, Afghanistan's capital. The interior ministry of Afghanistan says that the attack on Al Zahra mosque in the western part of Kabul is a terrorist attack.

Police told Haroon Najafizada of the BBC that three people were killed in this blast, including one officer and unit commander. Ten people were injured in the blast.

During the time of the explosion, many big officers in the mosque had come to pay Namaz. The so-called Islamic State has taken the responsibility of attacking the Al Zahra mosque in Shia-dominated area of ​​Kabul. According to the Amak News Agency associated with the IS, IS has suicidal attack on the mosque, in which four people have died.

An interior ministry spokesman, Najeeb Dunnish, has informed the social media that the attackers were trying to enter the mosque but they were not successful and they had exploded in the mosque's kitchen.

It is being told that after the blast, the firing sounds were heard. Last month a suicide bomber detonated a tanker truck in the high security VIP area in Kabul. In this blast, 90 people were killed and four hundred people were injured. There were several demonstrations in protest against this blast in Kabul which killed five people in police firing.

Suicide bombers again blasted during the massacre of these people, in which seven people were killed and hundreds injured.
                                                                         ---Sheetal Gaur

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