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Friday, June 16, 2017

Blast in KG School in China

On Thursday evening, seven people were killed in a bomb attack on a kindergarten entry gate in China, while more than 50 people are reported to be injured.

According to media reports, the blast took place at Fengjiang in Jiangsu Province, China, at 4:30 pm. In a video posted on China's government newspaper People's Daily, all the people were seen casualties at kindergarten's entry gate. Their belongings were scattered around and around.

According to the information received so far, people injured in the blast are being treated in nearby hospital. Two people died in the blast on the spot, while five died in the hospital during treatment. Let us know that there have been attacks on kindergarten in China earlier. Right now the security of many schools has been increased after the attack. It is said that the blast took place when the children were returning home after school leave.

According to the online media report, the man running a shop near kindergarten says that he heard a blast at around 5 pm (0900 GMT) at local time and found that the assassination kindergarten had exploded 100 meters away.

The reasons for the blast in China have not been ascertained. In a conversation with AFP, a state police official said that the blast happened due to which the investigation was being done. Let us tell you that China has strong control over weapons in its country, so most attacks are done with knives, axe and domestic explosives.

Earlier on May 9, a similar incident took place in the Shandong province of China. When the kindergarten school bus was passing through a tunnel, it was a blast. In which 11 children, one teacher and one driver were killed.

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