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Monday, June 19, 2017

Bihar Governor is the NDA’s Choice for President

After the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board, party President has announced the name of the presidential candidate. Amit Shah has announced the name of Bihar Governor Ramnath Kovind. For the highest office of democracy, the Bharatiya Janata Party was discussing with all the allies with opposition parties.

Amit Shah, praising Ramnath Kovind, said, "He is a Dalit, he will always fight." He is currently working as the governor of Bihar. Ramnathji has always been associated with the society, the poor, the backward, the Dalits. Having grown up in a poor house, he has struggled much to such a high position. We have decided their name today. "

Amit Shah told that before deciding the name, we have discussed with all the states, parties and NDA colleagues. He said, "The PM himself spoke to Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Modiji did also talk to former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh ji and other senior leaders of the Congress party. "

Amit Shah said, "We hope that Ramnathji, who is coming to such a high house after being struggling with the Dalit society, born in a poor house, will be a unanimous candidate."

'I think everyone will agree'
The BJP president also said, "Uddhav Thackeray asked to decide the name. We decided to name and tell. In the few hours most discussions will be done. I think everyone will agree. "

At the same time, Congress has said that in this, name party President Sonia Gandhi will discuss with other parties. Party leader Pramod Tiwari said that no decision will be taken without discussing with other party members.

Governor Kovind seeks support from Nitish Kumar

After the announcement of the name, Governor Ramnath Kovind spoke to the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the phone. He asked support from Nitish Kumar.
                                                                   ---Ashish Jha

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