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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Band of doctors for a non-serious patient Lalu

Sushil Kumar Modi has said that the deployment of doctors at RJD president Lalu Prasad Yadav's house is a brazen display of power by his health minister son. If Laloo Prasad Yadav's health was so serious, then he should have been elevated or should be admitted at the ICU or at least IGIMS. Due to the misuse of the post, it is only appropriate to deploy dozens of doctors for minor illnesses like cold, coough and diarrhea. Modi said that there is a shortage of doctors in IGISMS, so it is not fair to deploy band of doctors on accommodation for eight to eight days.

Modi said that if Laloo Yadav was seriously ill, he was not taken away to Delhi and why he should have been admitted to the hospital, it meant that he was not seriously ill. If he were seious, then the service which can be done in hospital, could not have been at home. If someone is sick like JP, I will not oppose him. But there is a minor illness such a disease happens to everyday leaders. In this case, close the daily IGIMS and put all the doctors in Lalu's family.

Modi said that if his son would not be the health minister and he would not be a former Chief Minister, even if he is a former MLA then he should be served, he should be treated completely.

Commenting on Rabri Devi and Nitish Kumar, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi said, "Rabri ji is saying that I want a girl who does not go to the mall and for the son whom she is searching for such a girl Son is building a museum of Bihar's largest capital of Rs 750 crore, it is not a joke, so Nitish ji is not the cause of Bihar because of the people of the people who are with you. He's getting worse with each passing day.

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