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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back Ache Remedies

There is a loss of 10 million working days every year around the world, and this is because of the difficulties in the back of 25 to 64 years of age.
About 80% of us face problems of back problems in our life.
Every year the British economy has lost about 12 billion pounds annually due to back problems.
In the BBC's Special Forest Doctor In The House Series, I helped Mark, the 42-year-old. Mark, who works in retail, has been troubled with back problems for 20 years.
Who never feel the pain
The painkiller, which has the risk of heart attack
Back pain is a problem of some days and usually disappears within a few weeks, but Mark's case is second.
Their problem has been going on for years. Because of this, he had to leave the job and due to this his economic condition has been stunted, he has to constantly bite the hospital.
Know why
In such a case, the problem of back ache should be diagnosed in the same way, its root cause should be searched in the same way as you look for the cause of cancer or other serious illness.
However, there is no specific reason in most cases of back problems. Based on the time spent with Mark, I can say that the reason for back pain can be mechanical, psychological and biochemical.
When I first saw the feet of Mark, I found that they were not perfect - they were a little rubbish. I felt that this could be the cause of their back problems, so I took them to the Movement Specialist.

Then I saw the whole history of Mark When Mark was five years old, he suffered a knee in his right knee and his foot was broken. For these two reasons, their back problems may also be difficult.
Movement specialist said that their muscles are not working the way they should do the way. There was a lot of pressure on his left foot. After that the Movement Specialist told Mark many movements and asked them to do several times a week.

According to Mark, "earlier experts did not notice this, but Doc Chatterjee looked at the problem of my back with a different perspective and reached the potential reason that was involved in the real causes of my problem."
Not only this, Mark had been living in tension because of this problem. Tensions were mounting on them due to financial crisis, worries of employment and insomnia. Stress seems to affect our brain.
To reduce the stress of Mark, I asked him to listen to music, asked meditation and started martial arts 'Tai Chi' too. Tai Chi is a practice like moving meditation through which breathing is controlled.
Try these tips
Apart from this, the level of Vitamin D in the body of Mark was very low, it is important for the bones of the body and basically we get from the sunlight, it also gets from eating fish and eggs.
People with dark colored skin may have a risk of vitamin D deficiency. I balanced the level of Vitamin D of Mark.
Exercise for backache, clinical therapies were also done with psychological therapy. On the basis of 15 years of experience, I can say that different measures come in handy for different patients.

The experiment with Mark was affected, after two months, they returned to normal life. Start biking
To solve the problem of back problem, you should know its root cause. I was suffering from this problem for ten years, but due to the movement specialist I could get rid of the problem.
Following are some of the remedies to overcome the problem of backache-
1. If you are working, keep getting up at the regular time interval from the desk. If possible, put an alarm for it. Work at the standing desk. Use different types of chairs.
2. Make yoga and meditation, if this is not possible then do the walk.
3. If you like an activity, then do it for a long time.

Try that stay active and walk regularly for this.

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