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Monday, June 26, 2017

Ask Modi to Remove Barriers to Trade and Investment: US Lawmakers to Trump

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet American President Donald Trump on Monday for the first time. Earlier, US lawmakers have urged President Trump to ask Modi to remove barriers to trade and investment. Republican and Democratic MPs said in a letter to Trump, "Attempts at high level have not been successful in removing barriers to trade and investment with India.

Some member of Parliaments have wrote that many sectors in the Indian economy are still too much and improperly preserved. India is still not easy to do business for American companies. ' In the year 2017, the World Bank report also gave India the 130th position in 190 countries in the case of Isis of Doing Business. MPs such as Kevin Brady, Richard Neal and Orin Hatch said that bilateral economic ties are far less successful than expected because India is not successful in implementing market based reforms. In many sectors, there are obstacles like higher prices, less protection to intellectual property, irregular and disturbing licensing processes.

The makers of the law have also pointed towards lack of foreign participation in professional services, financial equities, financial and retail and other major service sectors, in front equity borders and obstacles in digital trade and internet service. They said that this list is going to be long. PM Modi is scheduled to meet with 20 big American CEOs on Sunday before meeting with Trump in White House on Monday. India and the US are expected to progress in defense and cooperation in cooperation. However, Trump has kept the 'America First' campaign.

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