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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

After F-16 from US, India Eyeing for Komov Helicopter Deal from Russia

On one hand, before the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to India, India has made a big deal with the United States. American company Lockheed Martin on Monday signed an agreement with the Tata Group to build an F-16 fighter aircraft in India. Under this, the aircraft of this company will also be manufactured in India. On the other hand, Russia has also received good news for India. New Fighter Aircraft and Kamov Helicopter Deal may be in India and Russia on the forthcoming Russia tour of Defense Minister Arun Jaitley.

Four day tour

Arun Jaitley will leave for his 4-day Russia visit on 20th June, and stay there till June 23. Apart from the 5th generation fighter aircraft on this tour, Kamov Helicopter approval is very important. Indeed, before the Arun Jaitley visit, the Defense Committee of Russia has said in a report that India can purchase the 5th Generation Fighter aircraft from us. However, even in this deal, there is nothing stuck on the money. Let us know that this tour can also talk about 464 T-90 tank purchases from Russia.

Deal with the US
Lockheed Martin and Tata Advance Systems Limited (TASL) have signed a historic agreement to produce F-16 Block 70 in India. F-16 Block 70 aircraft are suitable for Indian Air Force's single engine fighter requirements. This will lead to the production of defense products in the private sector of the country. Earlier TASL had created airframe component for the C-1390Z aircraft.

F-16 Features
1. The F-16 Fighter Falcon is an engineered supersonic multirol fighter aircraft.
2. The fourth fighter jet is the fourth fighter jet.
3. The most advanced radar system (Active Electronically Scanned Array)

4. Fine GPS navigation is also a special feature.
5. Equipped with advanced weapon, this aircraft also has Advance sniper targeting pod.
7. Maximum speed of F-16 is 1,500 miles per hour.
8. This aircraft can work in any season.
9. It has frameless bubble copper, which facilitates viewing.
10. Seats are twisted at 30 degrees, so that the pilot has less g-force experience.

11. America and the other 25 countries are using it.
                                                                                ---Subroto Banerjee

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