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Monday, June 12, 2017

3 fathers with 96 children in Pakistan

Bannu / Pakistan: Three men giving birth to almost 100 children in South Asia are among the three men born in Pakistan due to which the country's population is growing very fast.

Pakistan's berth rate is highest in South Asia

Experts have warned that the growing population is harming the economic development and social services of the country, but these three fathers are not worried about this. They say that Allah will provide them all. According to World Bank and official statistics, Pakistan's birth rate is highest in South Asia and there are about three children per woman.

Census for the first time in 19 years

The census is for the first time in 19 years in Pakistan and in the census it is possible to know that the rate of population growth remains high. 36 children's father Gulzar Khan said that Islam keeps them from family planning.

"Children do not need friends to play cricket matches"

Gulzar Khan said, "If God has made the whole work and all the teachings, why should I stop the natural process of childbirth?" One reason for such a large number of children is tribal hostility in the northwest, where 57 years in Bannu city Gulzar is living with his third wife, who is pregnant. He said that he wants to be strong. He said that his children do not need friends to play full cricket matches.

Pakistan's population expected to reach 20 million

According to the census conducted in the year 1998 in Pakistan, there were 13 million 50 million population in the country. The new census was conducted earlier this year and it is expected to have an initial outcome in late July, which is likely to reach 20 million of the data.

'Allah has promised, He will provide food'

70-year-old Mustan Khan, one of the 15 brothers of Vazir Gulzar Khan. She also has three wives and 22 children. He says that the number of his grand sons can not be counted. He said, "Allah has promised that he will provide food and resources but the people's faith has become weak."

Wants to become father of 100 children

Similarly, in the province of Balochistan, Jan Mohammad has 38 children in Quetta. She agrees with Matthan's case, when she has already appealed to the government to provide resources for her family. Jana had expressed his desire to marry in the interaction with AFP in the year 2016, because he wants to be the father of 100 children.

'The more the population, the enemy will scare them'

Jan Mohammad said that no woman has agreed to this so far but she has not given up hope. He said, "The higher the population of Muslims, the enemy will be equally afraid of them. Muslims should give birth to more and more children."

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